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140+ Positive Affirmations for Children

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Positive Affirmations for Children

Many of us, as adults, struggle with limiting beliefs and thought patterns that can be attributed to our childhood conditioning. Somehow we have adopted negative societal beliefs. While we look for ways to help ourselves, it also sparks the importance of teaching these practices to our children, so they have the tools that we now try to master in adulthood. Ever since my children were little positive affirmations have been apart of our lives. Positive affirmations help to empower one’s thinking. We have posters in our home that are displayed for everyone to read, and even handwriting worksheets they still use every day in our homeschool. Over the past few months, we worked on creating positive affirmation cards in our homeschool, and they love going through them and reading them every day. Before we dive deeper into Positive Affirmations for Children, please take a moment to pin this post to your growth mindset board.

Helping our children by instilling good values, confidence, focus, and belief is something we can all do as parents and caregivers. Positive affirmations for children can do so much to assist them in developing healthy self-esteem and a growth mindset. Allowing them to create their own positive affirmations can also help them target whatever issues they are struggling with, whether it is school work, self-love, or what have you.

Here is a list of over 140 affirmations you can use with your children.

  1. Today is a great day.
  2. I am smart.
  3. I can do anything.
  4. I am nice.
  5. I am loved.
  6. I am helpful.
  7. I am very creative.
  8. I am unique and valuable.
  9. I believe in myself.
  10. I am healthy.
  11. I am important.
  12. I am worthy of good things.
  13. I create a joyful day for myself.
  14. I am grateful for all the good in my life.
  15. I am full of good ideas.
  16. I am a fast learner.
  17. I can do it.
  18. I am truthful.
  19. I like myself.
  20. I am beautiful inside and out.
  21. I am loving.
  22. I love my life.
  23. I feel happy.
  24. I am friendly.
  25. I am a good listener.
  26. I make friends easily.
  27. I am strong.
  28. I am special.
  29. I am a good influence on others.
  30. I can do whatever I focus my mind on.
  31. I am beautiful.
  32. I am handsome.
  33. I am fantastic.
  34. I am very intelligent.
  35. I am worthy of good things.
  36. I deeply love and accept myself.
  37. I enjoy learning.
  38. Good things happen in my life every day.
  39. Learning is fun and exciting.
  40. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  41. I have many gifts and talents.
  42. I am open to possibilities.
  43. I embrace my fears fully and calmly.
  44. I make like-minded friends easily and naturally.
  45. I am healthy and am growing up well.
  46. I have persistence in what I believe in.
  47. Miracles happen to me all the time.
  48. I am very creative.
  49. I am a great listener.
  50. My family and friends love me for who I am.
  51. I am unique and special.
  52. Opportunities come to me in good time.
  53. I may make mistakes sometimes but I choose to learn from them.
  54. Ideas from problem-solving come easily and quickly to me.
  55. My intuition guides me in what I do.
  56. I am calm, relaxed, and peaceful.
  57. I am always in the right place at the right time.
  58. I enjoy being, feeling, and thinking positively.
  59. Problems challenge me to better myself in every way.
  60. I trust myself in making great decisions.
  61. I am loving kindness to all.
  62. I do my best in my work and tasks.
  63. While I appreciate details, I am able to also see the big picture of things.
  64. I learn from my challenges and can always find ways to overcome them.
  65. I understand the lessons taught in school completely and quickly.
  66. I accept myself even though I sometimes make mistakes.
  67. Every day in every way, I get better and better.
  68. I am present.
  69. I trust in my ability to solve problems.
  70. I enjoy my own company.
  71. I accept compliments graciously and openly.
  72. I believe I can be whatever I want to be.
  73. I can visualize very well.
  74. I can manifest everything I need and want.
  75. I am vibrant and have lots of energy.
  76. I am kind, generous, and loving.
  77. I am divinely protected.
  78. I complete my school work on time every day.
  79. I am deserving of love, trust, and kindness.
  80. I am whole and complete.
  81. I enjoy trying new ideas.
  82. I achieve great and successful results.
  83. I am brave.
  84. I experience beauty wherever I go.
  85. I am courageous.
  86. I have an awesome imagination.
  87. I am able to solve problems creatively.
  88. All is well in the world.
  89. I feel confident and secure.
  90. I enjoy letting events unfold in good time.
  91. I have loving, positive, and happy thoughts.
  92. I express my ideas easily.
  93. I am courageous even when things are unknown to me.
  94. I reach my goals easily.
  95. I am in charge of my own life.
  96. I enjoy playing games with my friends.
  97. I am gentle with myself.
  98. I have many friends who like being near me.
  99. I am thankful for my blessings.
  100. I have a healthy relationship with my teachers, coaches, and/ or parents.
  101. I choose to forgive all others for any mistakes they have done.
  102. I embrace changes in peaceful, harmonious, and positive ways.
  103. I love nature.
  104. The trees, flowers, and birds are my friends.
  105. I radiate love and compassion.
  106. Miracles happen to me every day.
  107. I am able to analyze and see clearly for problem-solving.
  108. I read, write, and learn fast.
  109. I have an amazing imagination.
  110. I am on my way to creating great wealth.
  111. I am excellent in languages.
  112. I am quick and accurate in Mathematics.
  113. I absorb knowledge like a sponge and am able to apply what I have learned.
  114. I am attentive in class.
  115. I am a natural in music, or art, or sports.
  116. I am a winner!
  117. I turn failures into opportunities for success.
  118. I handle all of my responsibilities and tasks well.
  119. I love my body.
  120. I am honest and trustworthy.
  121. I enjoy eating healthy snacks.
  122. I do my best for my studies.
  123. I am on top of my classes.
  124. I enjoy challenging myself in new ideas, possibilities, and directions.
  125. I enjoy experiencing life in multiple ways.
  126. I love being healthy.
  127. I love exercising.
  128. I love being active.
  129. I manage my time very well.
  130. I like being punctual.
  131. I enjoy having habits that will help me have a happy, healthy, and successful life.
  132. I listen to my intuition, gut, or inner wisdom very closely.
  133. I believe in my dreams.
  134. I have an excellent memory.
  135. I am able to easily draw inspiration from nature and life.
  136. I make good choices.
  137. I reach for the stars.
  138. My ideas are unique.
  139. I can do hard things.
  140. I am a leader.
  141. I am enough.
  142. I choose my attitude.
  143. I am resilient.
  144. I am loved.

How to use positive affirmations with your children

Start by affirming these affirmations to yourself, it is always a good idea to be a role model for anything you want your children to do. I got invested in affirmations for myself before I got my children involved. The next thing is to say these affirmations to your children, daily or weekly, take a moment to look your child in the eyes and affirm them. You can say something simple like ” You are loved.” “You are enough.” ” You are worthy of good things.” “You are so smart.” “You are so creative.” etc. You can end this little love session with a real hug, physical touch releases neurochemicals like oxytocin.

Post them! Grab some post-it notes or washable markers and place affirmations on the mirror, When they look into the mirror, they will be reminded of all the ways they matter and make a difference in this world.

Sing and Dance It out! We all have to navigate the blues at some time, whether in the shower, car, or getting ready in the morning, we use singing and dancing to lift our spirits and make things like household chores a lot more fun. Try turning your favorite affirmations into songs.

Get Creative! Create affirmation cards with your children.

Supplies to make Affirmation Cards

What you will need:

You most likely have all the supplies you need already in your home, if you don’t, a quick run to your local drugstore or office supply store should be able to supply you with all you need, however, I have included affiliate links to Amazon where you can purchase everything you will need.

Blank Cards




Hole Punch

Binder Rings

Printable Affirmations and Images

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How to Make Affirmation Cards

What to do

  1. First, take a card and choose an affirmation from the list above or the printable.
  2. Then figure out if you want a background or not, if you want a printed background you can cut one out and paste it onto the card or you can draw one.
  3. Then cut out or write the affirmation you chose onto the card.
  4. Next, decorate the card however you like, draw a background, or cut and paste pictures around the affirmation.
  5. Finally, punch a hole onto the corner or side of your card and place it onto a binder rings. Create as many cards as you like.

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