5 Literacy Tips to Get Your Children Falling In Love With Reading

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5 Literacy Tips to get your children to fall in love with reading

Reading is an important skill we worry about our children mastering. Instead of worrying, provide opportunities for them to fall in love with books and reading. These 5 literacy tips will inspire your children to read more and even enjoy it.

Make Books Important

How can you make books relevant to your kids? Turn off all devices, including television and computers, and read with your child. Read with your child for up to 30 minutes a day. Reading aloud to your child no matter what the age is beneficial, you can also set this as an independent reading time for older kids, sitting in the same room reading a book of your own.


Visit the Library

There is magic in the library. Help your children borrow books and borrow books and borrow some for yourself when you are there.

Have a conversation about authors, topics, genres on the way home.

Read at the library as well. Changing the location of where you read can intrigue your kids.


Make Books Available

Have a wide range of books and even child-friendly magazines around the house for them to pick up and read at any time.


Write Together

Write thank you cards, birthday greetings, sentences you love from recent reads, a letter or note to each other or someone in the family, or even a story of your very own. If your child can’t write independently yet, write down the story, they narrate to you, to make them feel like they can still create their own stories.


Pen Pals

Have a family member or friends who live far away? Set up a way and schedule for your child to write back and forth. Everyone loves getting things in the mail (that aren’t bills or junk). Kids will like to receive real mail or even e-mail of their very own.


You may notice that these 5 literacy tips include you being a model when it comes to reading and writing, as well. The reason for this is because kids are sponges, and they do what they see you do. So if you aren’t curled up with a book, they won’t naturally be drawn to do that. If you don’t value books and the written word, they won’t. Embrace reading for all it is worth and raise a family of readers.



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