A New Kind of Checklist

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A New Kind of Checklist

Doesn’t it seem like we are never happy? We are always looking to be the opposite of what we are naturally. Maybe you are a Type A parent who clings to your to-do list and thrives off of checking each thing off. Maybe you love structure and find yourself feeling completely out of sorts when you veer away from it. Maybe you are a completely relaxed type of parent, but you yearn for more structure so you feel just a tad bit more in control. Either way, it seems like torture when you try to change who you are yet you find yourself wanted to change at least a little bit. I am introducing a new type of checklist to keep you who you are but also help you embrace the other side. Before we begin, please take a moment and pin this post to your homeschool board.

You don’t need to change

You really shouldn’t try to change who you are, you should embrace the amazing person with all of it’s quirks. Whether you thrive on lists or you like to chill and go with the flow you are perfect and there is magic in each type of person.  Work with what you have and focus on changes that better suits your natural style.

Change the list

If you thrive on lists and are organized beyond belief, change that checklist to one filled with love and relaxation. Instead of focusing on getting math, reading, history, science and the rest done, focus on eye contact, big juicy conversations, kindness, love, compassion, being silly, playing music,  being present and in the moment.


Being aware of what you are and what you want to adopt into your lifestyle is the first step on the journey. You may just want to try it on for size and see how it goes. You will most likely still get all your things done on your original to do list but you will also open up your world to being more relaxed and in the moment.

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A New Kind of Checklist

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