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A Tale of Two Beasts

Recently we picked up a great book that consists of two stories, and we are in love! A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Roberton is a book that teaches children to be aware of all the sides of a story and how perspectives can be different.


A Tale of Two Beasts

A Tale of Two Beasts (about the book)

A Tale of Two Beasts is a typical fairy tale about a little girl on her way to grandma’s house when all of a sudden she encounters a strange little beast. The girl decides she will rescue this little beast and make him her pet. She takes excellent care of him, to shelter him, feed him, keep him warm, and give him plenty of exercises. She even showed him off to all of her friends. However, the little beast is unhappy, so he runs away. But the story isn’t over; the next part tells us the Little Beast’s side of the story which isn’t the same as what the little girl’s point of view was.

A Tale of Two Beasts (The Review)

We loved that this book had two stories in one and teaches children that there are always at least two sides to every story. We love the cute and colorful illustrations; I feel like this is a perfect fall read. This story is funny and thought-provoking and a great addition to any library.

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