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Hey! I am Christine, a Latina homeschool mom and content creator from  Brooklyn, New York. Mom to a wonderful 9-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. We are a homeschooling family, who love to explore New York and come up with creative ways to learn and have fun as a family.

Meet Christine:

With a history in psychological child development and holding previous positions in childcare, involving creating fun activities. I have done my fair share of crafts, songs, and exploration. I have always been a creative person with a history of visual arts and writing. Being a child of an Ecuadorian immigrant, and raised by a single Italian mother education has always been important to me. Becoming a parent, however, changed me and the way I thought about education. I want my children to have the best of both worlds. I want them to have the ability to be creative while learning.  As a 30-year-old homeschooling mom of two, residing in Brooklyn, New York my life is anything but ordinary. As founder and content creator here on Blooming Brilliant, I share not only my journey; but tips, techniques, and fun activities to bring creativity into your child’s education.

Why blogging and why education?

I love children (not just mine) and teaching them through play.   I am very passionate about education, I think it is so important and something no one can ever take away from you.

When I had my daughter I was 21 years old and finishing up my college degree. I wanted to give her every opportunity I could, so I began my journey with early education. Being a 21-year-old mom, I didn’t have a lot of friends my age with kids, let alone teaching their kids from home as infants, toddlers and up. So I began my blog to share all the information I was learning, so more parents could enjoy this amazing journey in early education.

Now as we embark on “official” homeschool (1st grade and up) we are excited to share even more about our educational journey.  We have tried out “regular” public school and while homeschooling gets a lot of weird looks, and even weirder questions it is the perfect fit for us.

How did this all start?

I have always been one to create my own path. As a child, I expressed my creativity by writing and illustrating stories, in my teenage years those stories turned into short stories, personal essays, and poetry. A love of the visual arts also began, creating has been part of my life ever since. Being an entrepreneur has also been part of my life since I was young if I wasn’t selling small toys or candy in the schoolyard, I was selling my art and jewelry I created at craft fairs, vendor events or flea markets.  As a natural caregiver, I used my entrepreneurial skills, love of children and education to make an income while in school. This blog started out as a place to share my journey as a mother, the knowledge I was gathering on early childhood education, parenting and whatever struggles we were going through.

Meet IsabellaAbout Me - Isabella

Isabella is our amazing 8-year-old daughter who loves all things science. She is a pretty good pianist and has been devouring books since she was 2 years old. Isabella is determined to be a pediatrician but has recently found a love for theater and writing.  With her persistence, I am pretty sure she is going to succeed in whatever she chooses.

Meet Anthony

Anthony is our wonderful 4-year-old son who is currently obsessed with his Paw Patrol, construction, and cooking. He is our little comedian who has a deep love for the arts (culinary as well as painting and music) and getting dirty. He is also slightly obsessed with firefighters. This little smarty pants is following in his sister’s footsteps with a deep admiration for piano, reading, math and even science.  He can be a bit rough but he is also extremely affectionate. He is our delicious little devil.


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