One Journal all Moms of Tween Girls Need

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The One Journal All Moms of Tween Girls Need

Do you have a tween daughter? Wooo! Tweens can be tough, they are starting to enter a realm of their life where they feel more independent and may want to be more to themselves which makes it really difficult to stay connected to your tween daughter.

It can be shocking when your previously sweet little daughter begins throwing a tantrum again, but this stage of their life can make our tween girls moody, over-dramatic, self-centered, focused on their friends, close-mouthed, surly, back-talking, and even condescending to parents.  Of course, tween girls can also be mature, affectionate, and delightful but there will be moments when they are at they’re worst which is a cross between the most challenging aspects of toddlers and teens. Before we begin, please take a moment and pin this post to your parenting board.

How can we keep a strong connection with our tween girls?

Just because our daughters are more independent now and don’t need us or even want us in their business 24/7 doesn’t mean we should let our connection die or be only focused around telling them what to do and playing the power war.  Tween girls may act like they don’t need or want the attention but in reality, they just don’t know how to get it at this new stage.

Our relationships with our daughters need to evolve as we both evolve. Your tween’s developing body is being flooded by hormones, her brain is rewiring, her need to discover herself and her place in the world takes precedence over the other things she values. She is probably struggling with figuring out how to acknowledge how much she loves and needs you because she is working hard to feel more grown-up and independent.

1 Thing all Moms of Tween Girls Need

The One Way to Connect to Your Tween Girl

One way we found a way to connect is through journaling together. We journal together using Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal for Moms and Daughters. Journaling has been a great way for my tween daughter and me to reconnect in this challenging time of change. As she becomes more independent, it is sometimes hard for her to open up and tell me things or ask me things that may be weighing on her heart. Sometimes, if I come out with something it may come off as me trying to lecture her. Journaling has changed that.

Prompts! It’s not from me, it’s from the book.

Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal for Moms and Daughters is filled with prompts! That means a neutral third-party is providing topics and questions. I have to answer these questions about myself! I have to open up and share things I am going through or have gone through in my youth, which gives her great insight on me here mother. She gets to see me as a relatable woman versus someone who wants to tell her what to do. The journal entries are simple and not long-winded it only takes a few words to connect with our tween girls in a meaningful way. We don’t have to beat anything to death.

Do it on your own time.

I love that we do not need to sit together and journal, I can journal on the pages we chose for the week when I can and she can when she can and then we meet up and chat about our answers, We are meant to read each other’s entries, we are building a trusting and strong bond through better communication and deeper understanding.

Special something Just for Us

This is something just for the two of us, no one else is going to know about what we are talking about. Dad and little brothers don’t need to know. This is our way to connect.

This journal provides a year’s worth of journaling prompts that help each of us to relate our thoughts and feelings in a safe and secure place creating a strong relationship where we can share our hopes and dreams or our everyday struggles. It is a great way to jump into those difficult conversations while showing your tween girls that you are human too.

You need Just Us Girls

If you are a mom of a tween girl and you want to evolve your relationship with them, creating a deeper and more fulfilling mother-daughter bond that you will always cherish you need to pick up Just Us Girls and share with your fellow tween moms because if it helps one mom and daughter build a closer relationship through these challenging times it can help all of us, tween moms build a stronger bond.

Pick up your copy of Just Us Girls and send a copy to a friend!

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