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Check out our KidLit Book Review of Anna Banana and the Friendship Split.

Anna Banana and the Friendship Split

Anna Banana and the Friendship Split Book ReviewAnna Banana and the Friendship Split is a can’t put it down kind of book. If your little one likes reading about friendships and friendship drama then they will love this book! We meet Anna and Sadie as they are celebrating Anna’s birthday. Anna and Sadie have been best friends ever since they can remember. Then something changed on Anna’s birthday. While Anna wanted to use her birthday wish for an amazing trip to Water World. Sadie encourages Anna to wish for a pony. Then Anna unwraps a sparkly pony necklace, Sadie takes claim of  it by trying it on and then storming off when they begin to argue. What happens next is so much worse. The book takes us on Anna’s emotional journey as Anna tries to navigate her emotions of being mad at Sadie and feeling sad at losing Sadie as her best friend.

Overall Review

This book is great for readers being introduced to chapter books. It was a fun read that I am sure your little won’t put it down until the end. After which, they will ask for more.  For more advanced readers this book is also a hit. While it is an easy to read book, the story is engaging. Keeping readers on the edge of their seat to see who is going to do what next and if this friendship can be repaired. The art work is simple black and white  illustrations but the drawings are adorable. We highly recommend you check out Anna Banana and the Friendship Split.


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