Teaching American Sign Language with Signing Time

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Teaching American Sign Language with Signing Time

Teaching American Sign Language with Signing Time

Have you heard of the show Signing Time? Maybe you have seen a song from Signing Time on Nick Jr. or maybe you have seen various episodes on Netflix?

If you have never heard of Signing Time before don’t worry. Back in 2010- 2011 when I was taking on some of my first years of parenting I had never heard of signing time before either. I kind of stumbled upon this early learning thing and signing is something I always personally wanted to learn. Through this early education endeavor, I learned about a video that taught babies, toddlers, preschoolers and really anyone ASL (American Sign Language) in a fun and interactive way. After hearing all of the amazing benefits like:

  1. encouraging early language development,
  2. early vocabulary, fewer tantrums and
  3. a higher IQ

I was even more interested in trying to learn sign language with my daughter. However, I found myself in a predicament.

Do I get Baby Signing Time or Signing Time?

After much debate with myself, I ended up purchasing Signing Time, because Isabella was slightly advanced and I figured Baby Signing Time may not have enough signs. I was happy with my decision; however, I later purchased Baby Signing Time for my son, Anthony.

What do you get when you purchase Signing Time?

Well, Signing Time has many products including DVDs, CDs, Books, and Flashcards.

I have only purchased the DVDs, we currently have the Baby Signing Time Collection, Signing Time Series 1 and most of Series 2. We also have Signing Time Christmas and Potty Time which you can check out more about in a separate review.


Baby Signing Time

Baby signing time is great for babies and toddlers to learn sign language. It is a fun animated series (Leah, Alex, and Hopkins are animated) with the exception of Rachel Coleman the host of the show and scenes from signing time families. While the whole series of DVDs that they offer has wonderful music, I believe Baby Signing Time has more music than the Signing Time series, which is great for engaging the youngest learners. My children really love the music, all kids easily get hooked on this 30-minute show.


Signing Time to teach older children

If you have a slightly older learner say a preschooler to grade-schooler. Signing Time may be the ticket for you. Signing Time introduces you to the real-life Alex and Leah as kids! But don’t worry the amazing creator and host Rachel Coleman and animated sidekick Hopkins is there as well.  Staying true to their style, signing time families are featured in this series as well. The amazing and engaging music can be found as well in this series. Don’t fear that you are missing out on learning words from Baby Signing Time because the first few DVDs from series 1 cover the words learned in Baby Signing Time. I love that there is series 1 and 2 and that there is a huge vocabulary that you learn. Rachel even includes reviews and extras at the end of the DVDs and the option to watch in Espanol!

Why Signing Time?

Signing Time is an extremely fun and educational program for all children. I wish that it was more readily available to everyone. Both of my kids and my nephew fell in love with Signing Time and it helped them communicate at an early age.

Did you know that signing can be an instrumental tool in children with autism, speech delays, and even Down syndrome?

Well, it can be an amazing tool that can reap immense benefits for kids on the autism spectrum, with speech delays and even down syndrome. For more information click the links.


If you are interested in teaching sign language to your child Rachel Coleman and her Signing time series including Baby Signing Time, Signing Time Series 1 and 2, Signing Time Christmas and Potty Time are wonderful resources.

Visit SigningTime.com to learn more about Signing Time.

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Isabella’s Signing Time Compilation


What do you think about teaching babies and preschooler’s sign language? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Teaching American Sign Language with Signing Time



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