How to Throw a Back-to-Homeschool Party

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How to Throw a Back-to-Homeschool Party

As the new school year dawns upon us, why not kick things off in style? We decided to inject some excitement into the start of the academic journey by hosting an unforgettable Back to Homeschool Party!

Our venture into this unique celebration was such a hit that we’re contemplating turning it into an annual tradition. After all, everyone has their own set of cherished back-to-school rituals.

Whether you’re all about indulging in a scrumptious pancake breakfast, capturing those precious back-to-school moments with photos, engaging in a lively interview worksheet session, or any other special practices, we’d love to hear your favorite back-to-school traditions (don’t forget to share them in the comments below).

Our Back to Homeschool Party seamlessly weaved together these beloved traditions, transforming them into a remarkable event. Witnessing the children’s enthusiasm skyrocket as they geared up for the school year ahead was genuinely heartwarming. This isn’t just a party; it’s a gateway to igniting a passion for learning!

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Want to throw your back homeschool party?

First things first, I totally understand the busy mom life! That’s why I aimed for simplicity while planning this gathering. However, the allure of infusing creativity into the event was irresistible, especially when I considered how much my kids would adore it and how it could instantly spark their excitement for the upcoming school days.

Given my kids’ enthusiasm for our Poetry Teatimes, I decided to center our back-to-homeschool party around that theme, keeping things wonderfully uncomplicated.

I scoured the web for back-to-school poems and printed them out for our reading pleasure during the party. As for snacks and decorations, I drew inspiration from various blogs and websites, seamlessly weaving them together into a cohesive setup.

Guess what? You can totally pull this off too! I’m happy to share all the resources I utilized to create our memorable party, so you can effortlessly orchestrate your captivating back-to-homeschool bash. Let’s make this school year’s beginning truly exceptional!

Back to Homeschool Party

Back to Homeschool Party Table Setting

We got the table setting from A Girl and A Glue Gun. I loved these printables. All I had to do was download them and print them. Once they were printed, I decided to laminate them so I could reuse them next year if it all turned out well.  Once I laminated them, I cut them out and used them to decorate the table.

We love our laminator, and these are great laminating sheets if you are looking.

Back to Homeschool Party Banner

We got the Back to School banners that were both on our wall and our table also from A Girl and A Glue Gun.  All I had to do was download and print.

Of course, I laminated this also. After laminating, I cut it out and punched some holes into the corners of each pencil. Then we laced some string through the pencils and hung them up with command strips.

Back to Homeschool Party Photo Props

Photos documenting the new school year and the fun at the party are necessary! That is why I couldn’t help downloading and printing these photo props from Beyond Good Intentions with Kristen Duke.

All I had to do again was download the printable, print, laminate (optional), cut out, and paste onto popsicle sticks or straws. They helped us create fun memories of this year back to homeschool party.

Back to Homeschool Party

Back to Homeschool Party Snacks

Update, over the last few years of doing this party, we have tried out a few different snacks. For our first party, I made Sugar Wafer Pencil Cookies which were surprisingly simple.

Trust me. I was stressed out, thinking it would end up like a HOT MESS! However, they turned out pretty cute. We got the recipe from Shaken Together Life.

These are how ours turned out.

Back to Homeschool Party Pencil Cookies

Some other treats we tried were these adorable Rice Krispy treat rulers from A Cultivated Nest, and the kids helped to make these which was a lot of fun. This year I was at a loss of what to make that they will actually both enjoy eating. So I kept it simple and made waffles.

Back to Homeschool Party Activities

Once you have all the decorations and snacks set up, you need activities. We kept it simple because it needed to be, and it turned out great.

We first read some poetry related to school. I couldn’t find poetry about being homeschooled, so we stuck with traditional school poems and found some great ones accessible on the internet. All I had to do was print them! These are the ones we used.

Reading poetry about school, inspired my oldest to create some Homeschool Poetry, a great activity to do during the party. All you need is some paper and colorful pens. My daughter had so much fun doing this; she created her own poetry book with these blank books.

Another thing we did was these Back to Homeschool Interviews, which set the tone for our party. It asked questions along the lines of their current favorite things and their goals for this school year. What is something school and not school-related that they are excited about this year and something they enjoyed last year? This interview prompted us to have a fun dance party featuring their current favorite songs.

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Back to Homeschool Interview

Sharing the Back to Homeschool Party Planning Load

Believe me, orchestrating a Back to Homeschool Party doesn’t need to be a solo mission. I initially embarked on planning and organizing it as a surprise, but I soon discovered that my kids were excited and eager to be part of the action.

Involving them was an unexpectedly delightful turn of events. They were enthusiastic to lend a hand and immerse themselves in the process. After all, following instructions for crafts, whipping up recipes, and even taking charge of party preparations are invaluable life skills that seamlessly integrate into our homeschooling curriculum. So, why not harness the opportunity to let them shine and contribute to the party’s success? Not only does it make the workload lighter, but it also imparts practical skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

Customizable Back-to-School Signs

Back to Homeschool Signs

Every year, capturing the excitement of the first day of school with those adorable “First Day” photos has become a cherished tradition for kids and parents alike. But guess what? We’ve taken this tradition to a whole new level!

Say hello to our latest offering: Customizable Back to School Signs. We’ve listened to your feedback and turned your wishes into reality. Now, not only can you continue this heartwarming tradition for your homeschool, but you can also do it with a personalized touch.

Our downloadable and editable signs are designed to make your first day of homeschooling extra special. Just imagine your little ones holding these signs, radiating enthusiasm and anticipation for the educational journey ahead. The best part? You have the power to customize these signs to perfectly match your homeschooling setup, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Join the countless parents who’ve already embraced this fantastic addition to the homeschooling experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your first day of homeschooling and capture these fleeting moments in a truly unique way. Prepare to make memories and celebrate the start of a new academic year like never before!

Fonts needed for our First Day of School Signs

Back to Homeschool Traditions

You can find more video tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Impressed by these Back-to Homeschool Ideas?

Weren’t these Back to Homeschool Party concepts simply fantastic? And guess what? Our Pinterest board is a treasure trove of even more inspiring ideas to help you create memorable gatherings in the years ahead. While we’ve highlighted the elements we incorporated into our party this year, I’ve spotted numerous other brilliant ideas that excite me for future celebrations.

Explore our curated collection of ideas on our Pinterest board to find a wealth of inspiration for your very own Homeschool Party. From creative themes and engaging activities to delightful decorations, you’ll discover many possibilities that can make your homeschool kickoff an unforgettable experience.

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How to throw a Back to Homeschool Party
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