How to Throw a Back to Homeschool Party

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How to Throw a Back to Homeschool Party

A new school year is upon us! We wanted to try something fun to start the new year of school, so we decided to throw a Back to Homeschool Party! We had so much fun with this that we are thinking of keeping this as an annual intro into school. We all have some back to school traditions. Whether it is a pancake breakfast, back to school pictures, interview worksheet, or what have you. (Let me know your go-to back to school traditions in the comments). Having a back to the homeschool party took a bunch of those traditions and turned it into an event, it helped get the kids excited about starting school. Before we jump into all the tips to make your Back to Homeschool Party a success, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board. 

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Want to throw your back homeschool party?

First things first, I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. Mama is busy, you know! However, I wanted to throw the back to homeschool party because I love the creativity that we can involve, and I knew the kids would love it and become instantly excited for school. My kids love our Poetry Teatimes, so I decided to make our back to homeschool party based on that. I kept it simple. I found some back to school poems online and printed them out to read during our party. I got snack and decoration ideas from other blogs and websites and just put it all together. You can do it too. I am linking and sharing everything I used for our party so you can throw your very own back to homeschool party.

Back to Homeschool Party

Back to Homeschool Party Table Setting

Back to Homeschool Party Table Setting

We got the table setting from A Girl and A Glue Gun. I loved these printables. All I had to do was download them and print them. Once they were printed, I decided to laminate them so I could reuse them next year if it all turned out well.  Once I laminated them, I cut them out and used them to decorate the table.

We love our laminator, and these are great laminating sheets if you are looking.

Back to Homeschool Party Banner

Back to Homeschool Party Banner

We got the Back to School banners that were both on our wall and our table also from A Girl and A Glue Gun.  All I had to do was download and print. Of course, I laminated this also. After laminating, I cut it out and punched some holes into the corners of each pencil. Then we laced some string through the pencils and hung it up with command strips.

Back to Homeschool Party Photo Props

Back to Homeschool Party Photo Props

Photos to document the new school year and the fun had at the party is a necessity! That is why I couldn’t help myself from downloading and printing these photo props from Beyond Good Intentions with Kristen Duke. All I had to do again, was download the printable, print, laminate (optional) cut out and paste onto popsicle sticks or straws. They helped us create fun memories of this years back to homeschool party.

Back to Homeschool Party

Back to Homeschool Party Snacks

Back to Homeschool Party Snacks

We went for a sweet treat for our Back to Homeschool Party. These were surprisingly easy, trust me I was stressed out, thinking it was going to end up like a HOT MESS! However, they turned out pretty cute. We got the recipe from Shaken Together Life.

These are how ours turned out.

Back to Homeschool Party Pencil Cookies

Back to Homeschool Party Activities

Once you have all the decorations and snacks set up, you need activities. We kept it pretty simple because it needed to be, and it ended up turning out great.

We first read some poetry that was related to school, I couldn’t find poetry about being homeschooled, so we stuck with traditional school poems, and we found some great ones free on the internet, all I had to do was print them! These are the ones we used.

Reading poetry about school, inspired my oldest to create some Homeschool Poetry, which is a great activity to do during the party. All you need is some paper and colorful pens. My daughter had so much fun doing this; she created her own poetry book with these blank books.

Another thing we did were these Back to Homeschool Interviews which set the tone for our party. It asked questions along the lines of what were their current favorite things, and what their goals were for this school year. What is something school and not school-related that they are excited about this year and something they enjoyed last year? This interview prompted us to have a fun dance party featuring their current favorite songs.

Throw your own Back to Homeschool Party!

Throwing a Back to Homeschool Party doesn’t have to fall all on your shoulders. I set out to plan and prepare all by myself to surprise them and ended up using their help because they were so excited and wanted to get their hands in there. Following directions in either crafts, recipes, and party prep is a great life skill to teach in your homeschool, so why not let them help with the party prep!

Don’t Forget Your Back to Homeschool Photos!

Back to Homeschool Signs

Every year the kids take their first day of school photos with their signs. We finally made our signs editable and downloadable for you so you can use them for your first day of homeschool. 

You can get this download in our library if you are a Blooming Brilliant Insider, if you aren’t, make sure to sign up for access to our whole library of resources.

Download Your Copy of the Editable First Day of School Signs

Fonts needed for our First Day of School Signs

More Back to Homeschool Party Ideas

Weren’t these ideas for throwing a Back to Homeschool Party awesome?  There are so many more on our Pinterest board, we chose to feature the things we used for our party this year, but there are a ton of ideas that I saw and loved and may use in the years to come. Go check out some more fun ideas for your Homeschool Party on our  Pinterest board.

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How to throw a Back to Homeschool Party

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