Bedtime Stories Made Simple with Story Tyke

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Are you looking for fun, interactive, bedtime stories that your children will love to listen to each night? Let me tell you about Story Tyke.

Bedtime Stories Made Simple with Story Tyke

We devour books by the boatload. However, sometimes the kids want to hear stories that they can not necessarily read in a book, original, creative, and fun. Storytelling is different from reading a story because there is a distinct connection between eye contact and interactions. That’s where Story Tyke comes in. Before we continue, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

What is Story Tyke

Story Tyke is an email-based subscription service that delivers original children’s bedtime stories straight to your inbox 5 nights a week.

The thing about Story Tyke is that it is absolutely FREE! Of course, you can give a monetary donation to Story Tyke if you wish to help keep the program running. However, it’s not mandatory.

Story Tyke believes that every child needs a chance to explore their imagination, especially while living in a highly visual and digital world. They simplify the creative process and help parents like us who are busy doing all the things to initiate some imaginative bonding experiences through storytelling. Bridging the gap between modern parents and traditional storytellers.

Check out the Story of Founder of Story Tyke‘s right here:

Why We Chose To Use Story Tyke

As I said, we are ferocious readers, but sometimes my children request original stories, something spur of the moment. Since I am a busy mom keeping many plates spinning at all times, I find it difficult to come up with creative stories in the spur of the moment.

Story Tyke not only supplies amazing, interactive stories 5 days out of the week, but it helps us to put down the devices and focus on each other as I practice my storytelling skills, which includes printing the story, so I am not looking at my device, giving eye contact and partaking in a conversation while the story is unfolding.

The first story we read from Story Tyke was one in which I could plug in my children’s names, which got their attention. They loved being apart of the story. They also loved that the stories were short and sweet. It is a little moment of entertainment and connection, and it is fulfilling. You don’t need to wait until tomorrow to hear another chapter. You get it all in one 2 to 5-minute story.

I love that most of their stories contain a lesson and Tyke Time, which are breaks throughout the story where you can ask your child questions provided and have short conversations on the story. Their answers will vary, and they will go into what they took from the story that they found valuable. These questions are perfect for checking comprehension and encourage critical thinking. They make my son, who is seven, put his thoughts into words. I love hearing their answers and having conversations with them about the story.

Bedtime Story Benefits

A variety of reading and storytelling is important. Literacy is grown in various ways. Story Tyke offers creative and short bedtime stories delivered directly to your inbox so you can tell your children a bedtime story that will help:

  • Improves literacy skills
  • Increases attention span
  • Develops memory recall
  • Creates a bond between parent and child
  • Improves communication skills
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Calms and soothes

Now they ask for Story Tyke

They love Story Tyke stories so much that they actually request them! I work evenings/nights, so sometimes I am extremely short on time when it comes to bedtime. However, Story Tyke is a perfect addition to breathe life and joy back into your homeschool. We have used it at the beginning of our school day, in a poetry tea time setting, in between lessons or activities, or when we have finished up our studies for the day.

Story Tyke is perfect for all children. My seven and eleven years old both enjoy listening to them even though they can read independently. They don’t need to sit still and listen intently, although they most likely will after a minute. If you are using this in your homeschool versus bedtime, you can throw some crayons and paper on the table, and they can create images from the story you are telling, or you can sip some hot chocolate together as we have done while telling a Story Tyke tale.

What are you waiting for

Sign up for Story Tyke; it’s free. What do you have to lose? Read one story and see how your children respond. Make bedtime a time to reconnect and bond over stories.

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