Educational and Entertaining Books for Your Homeschool

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Educational and Entertaining Books for Your Homeschool

Who isn’t on the lookout for entertaining and educational books for your homeschool? If you are looking for fun, affordable, educational books for your children this summer and upcoming homeschool year, then look no further. I recently ordered a few books from Usborne Books & More, for which I am a consultant. I have been a consultant since 2012, and I don’t always share because I figure so many of us homeschoolers are already UBAM Consultants, but maybe you are new to the world of Usborne Books and More. Whether you homeschool or not, the books they offer are amazing. I am talking super high-quality books that are both educational and fun. I am going to show you some of the recent books I purchased for my kids. Before we begin, please pin this post to your homeschool board.

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Books for Summer and Homeschool

Learning Wrap-Ups Set

These packaged sets from Learning Wrap-Ups include a set of Wrap-Ups and a 64-page workbook that details the commutative properties of Addition and Multiplication and the distributive properties of Subtraction. Each boxed set will help your child understand that they can learn these important math skills much faster than they thought possible because of these commutative and distributive properties. Children will love the fun and colorful activities found in each workbook and the competitive and self-correcting features provided by the Learning Wrap-Ups.

Usborne Adding and Subtracting Activity Book

A colorful, write-in book featuring many adding and subtracting puzzles encourages children to learn and practice. Kids will have plenty of opportunities to practice before testing themselves with quick quizzes. This title also includes lots of stickers!

Usborne Multiplying and Dividing Activity Book

Children can learn all about multiplying and dividing with this educational activity book. Inside is an array of tips and problem-solving techniques and space to experiment with these techniques. The book focuses on helping children find which techniques work best for them, allowing them to take control of their own learning.

Make Buildings: A Doodle Design Activity Book

Imagine amazing buildings and fantastical houses with this architecture-themed drawing book. Design everything from a castle fit for a queen, to an underground house for a family of moles! Following the lead of some of the world’s greatest architects, children are encouraged to think outside the box when looking for inspiration.

This fun doodle activity book will help children think creatively about architecture and gently introduce some simple architectural terms and ideas.

Across the USA Activity Book

Draw, sticker, and play (and learn!) your way across the USA! Word searches, matching games, letter scrambles and more, highlight everything from state mottoes and famous monuments to natural wonders and roadside attractions to make this a road trip to remember!

State Capitals: Explore the Capital Cities of Our 50 States

Take a journey to the capital city of each state through the brightly colored pages of this book. The wonderfully illustrated maps showcase natural features, historical landmarks, and amazing sights and are packed with fascinating facts and statistics. You’ll discover every state’s flag, wildlife, history, and much more!

Usborne Activities Sticker Dolly Dressing Dogs & Puppies

Dress the dolls as they go on a walk in the countryside with their dogs, take their pampered pups to a grooming salon, go to a dog boutique, attend obedience classes and play in the park. As well as the outfits for the dolls, the stickers also include canine accessories – waterproof coats, colorful collars, dog toys, and lots more.

Usborne First Sticker Book Zoo

A fun and lively sticker book with busy zoo scenes to fill. Favorite zoo scenes include the lions and tigers, the aquarium, the elephants, and the reptile house. It contains over 100 colorful stickers!

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