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Busy In the Garden introduction to poetry for preschoolers.

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Busy In The Garden

April and May has been a little wonky for us. I originally wanted to share ‘Busy in the Garden’ as part of a Poetry for Preschoolers post in April. We needed a break from the blog for a little bit, we are reaching the end of our first year of homeschool. Getting together everything for our end of the year assessment/portfolio has been insane. Plus, Isabella has received her first Holy Communion. We decided a short break and slow return as we gear up for June and summer posts was important for us.

Busy In the Garden introduction to poetry for preschoolers.The Book- Busy in the Garden

Busy in the Garden’ written by George Shannon illustrated by Sam Williams is a collection of poems, rhymes and riddles that have to do with being outdoors in your garden. There are a lot of references to vegetables and fruits and picking crops. Its a fun and easy book, that your littlest readers will love. Introducing children to poetry is important and amazing. It will help to develop their reading skills and a love of a poetry as they grow older.

The Review

‘Busy in the Garden’ is a great option for a read a loud with early readers. Although Isabella is an advanced reader she enjoyed reading this book to her younger brother, who really enjoyed listening and reading along to it. It is a fun read with riddles and rhymes, which really engages the reader. Isabella loves taking poems and putting them to music, this may be a great extension activity to try with your children. The illustrations are fun and colorful. This simple poetry book about gardening and planting is perfect to share when doing a gardening and planting unit, or even great to share with the younger ones at poetry tea time (check out more about poetry teatime).Busy In the Garden introduction to poetry for preschoolers.

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Busy In the Garden introduction to poetry for preschoolers.

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