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Accepting Nontraditional Ways Your Child Learns

Nontraditional Learning

Accepting Nontraditional Learning Many of us are new to homeschool. We grew up in a traditional school, doing the same old thing and relied¬†heavily on completed curricula¬† (texts and workbooks) homework and of course tests! It is hard for us to accept nontraditional ways our children learn. This is so uncomfortable for many of us! While we chose to homeschool…

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Homeschooling without support

Homeschooling without Support

Homeschooling without Support Deciding to homeschool is not a decision anyone takes lightly. If your kids are already in traditional school you have to think about rebelling the “norm” and doing something different. You are taking on a HUGE responsibility and your inner self is bound to speak up. “You aren’t a teacher. Leave it to the professionals.” “What about…

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10 Favorite Homeschooling Podcasts

10 Favorite Homeschooling Podcasts I have found a deep love for podcasts. They get me through the mundane, everyday drudgeries such as folding laundry, cooking, and cleaning. I have found that they offer deep insights, support, and inspiration. Today I am sharing my Top 10 Favorite Homeschooling Podcasts. These podcasts will not disappoint you, they will give you tips, techniques,…

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