Chinese (Lunar) New Year Card Craft

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Chinese Lunar New Year Card Craft

Learning about different cultures by experiencing some of their traditions and holidays is a great way to learn about a culture. Lunar New Year is one that we have tried to learn more about. Whether it is through literature, crafts, or being with friends who celebrate. In 2016, we made this fun Chinese or Lunar New Year Card Craft, I had found some adorable pencils and erasers when out shopping, and I wanted to make something that got them excited about the holiday and learning it in our homeschool. In this post, we will make this Lunar New Year Card Craft, but before we begin, please take a moment to pin this post to your crafts board.

Supplies for the Lunar New Year craft

What you will need:

We wrote Spring on our Lunar New Year Cards
  1. Red, Orange, and Green cardstock or construction paper
  2. Gold Glitter (glitter glue, glitter)
  3. Chinese Seasons Image
  4. Gold Felt-tip Pen
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Sequins and treats (optional)

How to Make The Lunar New Year Card Craft

What to do:

  1. First, cut a piece of red cardstock, bend it in half, and keep it like a greeting card.
  2. Then cut out your orange circles from the orange cardstock.
  3. Then cut out some leaves or a stem for your oranges from the green cardstock.
  4. Next, trace or write your Spring (or whatever season you like) on your card.
  5. You can use your Gold Felt Tip Pen to color your spring character. We used a yellow paint pen and then covered it with gold glitter.
  6. Add glitter to your oranges (0ptional)
  7. Glue all your pieces down. Add any embellishments (drawings, sequins, etc.)
  8. Add your treats (optional)

Lunar New Year Card Craft Video Tutorial


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