Choose one thing

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Choose one thing to focus on and get done.

Choose one thing!

It is a brand new day, a brand new week, a brand spanking new month. What are your plans to do with it? We are approaching the end of the third quarter, and the beginning of the fourth quarter. If you are anything like me you are looking at a list of things that you still need to accomplish in your homeschool. You are stressing about how you can fit it all in before the end of the year. What can we do to get it in? My advice is to choose one thing! You can’t do it all at the same time.


Your homeschool won’t transform itself over night, no matter how much you pile on your to do list. What you want and what transforms is all based on the choices you make that lead to your sense of accomplishment and happiness. You get there by doing one thing at a time.

Choose the thing

Start by choosing what it is! What is the subject or topic that needs attention? What is the practice, habit or attitude you want to have in your home/homeschool? Choose that one thing, then you need to go and do it, have it, develop it. But only choose one thing.

Identify the one thing that is on top of your to do list, the one that keeps you up at night, or keeps popping into your brain that you wish you were doing, living or had done already?

Get it done

Once it is identified you need to get it done, step by step!

  1. Prepare this needs to be done ahead of time. Plan a date, purchase the supplies, books, curriculum, make the copies, print the activities, organize, think it over, research it, read the literature related to that one thing you chose to do. Gather all the materials and don’t get stuck on this.
  2. Execute the day of. Follow through with enough time dig deep without distraction. Turn off your phone, put a note on the door that you are busy, don’t answer calls, shut down your computer and focus on being there!
  3. Enjoy it fully. Let yourself forget about everything else on the list that you haven’t gotten to yet, don’t worry about who is doing it better, or the final result that you yearn for. Enjoy the experience and be present. Don’t do anything else, no multitasking and don’t be planning your next thing in your head either. Engage and be present.
  4. Reminisce later in the day, week and month. Talk about what you enjoyed, and what you found fun, remember all the funny little things and the connection you created through it. Recollect what went well and talk about when you are going to do it again.
Slow and Steady

We get so overwhelmed with all the things we need to get done, as well as all the things that get thrown on top of our already growing lists. This habit of choosing just one thing can help you breathe again while conquering your list slowly but surely. It will also help you find joy and create connection in your homeschool.




Do you stress about all the things on your list? Do you feel like you are not getting the things you need to get done, done? Are you exhausted from all the multitasking? Have you tried choosing just one thing? How did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Choose one thing to focus on and get done.

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