Understanding Core Motivation with TruSpark

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Understanding Core Motivation Assessment with TruSpark: An Innovative Way to Find Your Passion

When it comes to your career, are you fulfilled? Do you enjoy your work and feel like it is your passion? If not then you probably wish you had the opportunity to use the TruSpark curriculum and core motivation assessment. TruSpark is an innovative program that helps teens and tweens find their core motivations and begin career exploration. I wish I had this when I was young. Before we go through all the details of TruSpark, take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by TruSpark, I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

What is a Core Motivation Assessment and Why is it Important?

We often believe that we know our own personality and what we love to do. But sometimes it can be really hard to figure out your core motivation and what you want to do with your life. Most of us are expected to have this all figured out in our teens when we begin figuring out our career path and future educational path.

If we are looking through the eyes of a teen, for most of our life, we have been told what to do and how to do it then all of a sudden we are supposed to have answers that are going to impact the rest of our lives.

Adults don’t even have it figured out, Were you aware that only 48% of people worldwide are satisfied in their careers? That means a majority of people are unhappy in their careers, they just don’t know what to do, they need the income to live, and they have already contributed years, money, and energy towards their current career. What are they to do?

Most people realize when they hit middle age that something isn’t right, and by then it feels like it is too late. (we know it is NEVER too late, but it may FEEL like it.) What if we can help our kids find a career that they will be completely fulfilled? What if we are able to give them the tools for a happier future?

I think TruSpark is a tool that helps do just that.

What is TruSpark?

TruSpark is an innovative program meant to help pre-teens and teens identify the things that drive them, their core motivations, through self-awareness.

TruSpark is created by a team of dedicated experts, we are talking psychologists, teachers, career recruiters researchers, consultants, and life coaches.

This program has been designed based on TruMotivate, which is aimed at college-level young adults. TruSpark’s creators took this model and scaled it down to fit pre-teens and teenagers.

This model is based on over 60 years of research and SIMA science (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) and it’s been used by leaders from NASA, IBM, Disney, and more. So even though this product was recently launched, the science behind it is well established.

How does TruSpark work?

TruSpark is a curriculum and core motivation assessment, which is a psychological test that can help people find their true passions and find their perfect career path.

What TruSpark does:

  • assess kids to find their core motivations (what they are good at, their talents and interest as well as what drives them)
  • offers curriculum that explains in-depth why these things are important and how to take each step towards knowing what they want to do further.
  • curriculum that explains how to implement core motivations even in mundane tasks, how awareness of core motivations can help in daily life.
  • provides a list of possible career paths for each of the kid’s core motivations
  • offers career exploration through O*Net

How does the TruSpark program work?

TruSpark is a narrative-based tool that makes it flexible and personalized to each individual. It’s a great introspection tool that guides children into analyzing their inner drive to find out what motivates them.

TruSpark does this by:

  1. Asking the children to write 2 short stories (about 2 to 3 sentences long), that made them feel good about themselves, not to impress anyone else. It has to be important to them.
  2. Based on these 2 stories, children are then asked a series of questions about what was important for them in those moments and how it made them feel.
  3. Once they have selected their preferences, TruSpark will show them their top 3 core motivations plus career suggestions for every one of their motivations.
  4. By using their partner tool. O*Net, the kids can explore each and every career suggested.
  5. Through the TruSpark curriculum, kids understand better why introspection is important.

My thoughts on TruSpark

TruSpark is easy to use, which is good for any busy homeschooler. It is amazingly accurate! Not only did my daughter follow the curriculum and take the assessment but I did as well, and I was pleasantly surprised with how accurate the results were.

TruSpark is where pre-teens and teenagers can learn about their own core motivations and personal happiness. It will also help them choose careers where they will find fulfillment.

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