Create a Fun Harvest Corn Craft with Craft Sticks

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DIY Craft Stick Harvest Corn for Kids

Welcome to a super cute and easy fall craft for kids! Get ready to turn simple materials like craft sticks, felt, paint, and wiggle eyes into an adorable harvest décor piece that celebrates the season. This Craft Stick Harvest Corn is perfect for decorating the house for autumn or as a take-home project after a farm-themed class party.

Before gathering the materials and attempting this fun and creative craft project, be sure to pin this post so you can easily come back to the instructions later. Having the instructions handy as you work will make the process smoother.

Benefits of Making This Cute Corn Craft

Crafting the adorable Craft Stick Harvest Corn offers many benefits beyond a fun activity. Here are some of the developmental, creative, and seasonal perks it provides:

Practices Fine Motor Skills – Using child-safe scissors, tracing templates, finger painting kernels, gluing, drawing details – kids get great fine motor practice.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination – Kids can invent their own unique corn decoration as they make choices about kernel colors and facial details.

Celebrates Fall and Harvest Themes – What better way to complement autumnal displays than with this handmade, harvest-inspired craft!

Makes a Great Gift or Keepsake – Proudly display this corn craft each fall season. Or give it as a homemade gift to family or teachers.

So this craft stick project helps build artistic skills, motor skills, and seasonal appreciation all while creating smiles with its cute corn face!

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Gather Materials for the Craft Stick Harvest Corn

You likely have many of the supplies needed for this cute fall craft already at home. Pick up any missing items at your local craft store, dollar store, or office supply store. I’ve included some affiliate links below to purchase them on Amazon as well.

Jumbo Craft Sticks – These larger sticks will form the base of our corn decor. Get natural unfinished ones so they’re easy to paint.

Wiggle Eyes – The googly wiggle eyes will add personality when we attach them to the corn. Pick small or medium sizes.

Craft Felt in Olive Green – Just a small piece is needed. This will form the husk and leaves.

Craft Paint in Off White, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Tan, Medium Brown, Burgundy, Pink – Acrylic paint in an assortment of fall colors to paint our harvest corn.

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks – To assemble the craft sticks and felt pieces together. High temp glue works best.

Flat and Detail Paint Brush #4 – For painting the sticks and small details.

Scissors – For cutting out the felt husk pieces.

Pencil and Eraser – For tracing the corn template pieces.

Permanent Marker in Black – To add details like corn kernels.

● Printable Corn Templates – Download, print, and cut out the shapes to trace.

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Harvest Corn Pattern

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Harvest Corn Craft

Gather all the listed supplies before beginning this easy fall craft project.

Shape the Corn Base

Line up 5 jumbo craft sticks on your work surface in graduated sizes from largest on the bottom to smallest on top. Glue in place with a glue gun. Use additional trimmed sticks to fill out the shape.

Paint the Corn and Add Details

Basecoat the front and sides of the corn with off-white acrylic craft paint and let fully dry. Use fingertips dipped in yellow, orange, tan, gold, and burgundy craft paints to finger stamp on corn kernel details in rows.

Cut Out and Attach the Husks

Trace the printable husk template onto the olive green felt 2 times and cut it out with scissors. Glue the right and left husk pieces onto the sides of the painted craft stick corn using hot glue.

Add a Cute Face

Glue on 2 wiggle eyes towards the top to make the face. Dot on pink blush paint with a pencil eraser on both cheeks. Finish the face by drawing a black marker mouth underneath.

Let the glue fully dry before displaying your Craft Stick Harvest Corn decoration.

Bring Fall Magic with Craft Stick Harvest Corn

The delightful Craft Stick Harvest Corn craft makes for a fun and easy fall activity with kids of all ages. Let their creativity run wild as they paint and assemble sweet, expressionful corn decor perfect for celebrating autumn.

Be sure to pin or bookmark this post so you have the templates and instructions handy. All that’s left is to enjoy your cute handmade creation and the magical spirit of the fall season!

Have fun crafting and don’t hesitate to share photos of your harvest craft stick corn if you give this project a try. You’re sure to reap smiles and compliments! Happy Fall, ya’ll!

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