Creative Writing with Bardsy Homeschool

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Are you struggling to teach creative writing in your homeschool? Find out how Bardsy Homeschool is exciting my little ones and jazzing up their writing skills.

Creative Writing with Bardsy Homeschool

Is getting your children to write creatively in your homeschool like pulling teeth? It doesn’t have to be. It can actually be fun and exciting for you and your children. My children have been trying out Bardsy Homeschool for the past few months and loving all the wonderful tools, techniques, and digital tools. Before we dive deep into Bardsy Homeschool and how it has made creative writing better in our homeschool, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

I received digital access to this product as well as reimbursement for the time spent writing this review in exchange for my honest thoughts. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

What is Bardsy Homeschool?

Bardsy Homeschool is an online homeschool writing curriculum designed for tweens and teenagers, but let me tell you, my little guy wanted in on all the fun as well. Bardsy Homeschool offers digital writing tools, video courses, and lesson plans to help your reluctant writers find their inner storytelling skills.

They Have It All

Bardsy is broken down into three main sections:

  1. Write
  2. Learn
  3. Spark

Each section has three tools for your child to use.

Bardsy Homeschool has something for everyone. No matter how they learn, Bardsy can cater to their learning style with their engaging videos, printables for hands-on learners, and Prospero Story Wizard, the AI (artificial intelligence) writing coach.

If you have a yielding young writer in your home, than they can jump right in and begin writing by going to New Story in the Write section. There they will find a simple writing editor that allows them to focus completely on their writing, no distractions.

If they need to take a break and revisit their story at another time, they can click Latest Story in the Write section to pick up right where they left off.

Prospero Story Wizard is an amazing tool that can be found in the Write section, it guides your child through the steps of creating a new story. Your child can click on the elements they want to work on and then develop them before sending all the information to the story editor.

If you are looking for courses, that you will need to visit the Learn section. This is where the classes are set up, they involve watching a short video about a specific topic related to writing, and then it has the child complete specific tasks to create their own story, related to the lesson. The three lessons in this section are Writing Warmup, Better Storytelling and Story Talk, which involve maps that guide your children through the process.

The last section is Spark, this is where you will find tools to help spark inspiration. These tools include printable graphic organizers, bonus videos, and everyone’s favorite the Story Spinner, which provides your child with a set of writing prompts by listing a character, a word, and a theme and your child will write a story about it.

Bardsy Homeschool in Our Homeschool

Using Bardsy Homeschool has been fun. My daughter is the main one who uses it. My son will partake in some of the exercises because he thinks it is fun. My daughter is a yielding writer, filled with numerous stories spilling out of her at the ready. However, Bardsy’s tools have helped her become an even better writer. The feedback from professional writers helped her edit and propel her story, where she may have stopped short otherwise. The lessons helped her organize her thoughts and secure that her story was multifaceted. The tools are also a lot of fun to use. So what are you waiting for?

Give Creative Writing a Boost with Bardsy Homeschool

Bardsy Homeschool is affordable. For only $8.99 a month, you get access to all of their digital writing tools, video courses, and lesson plans. Plus, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

“Bardsy Homeschool believes that creative writing supercharges every academic skill. Storytelling isn’t extracurricular; it’s trans-curricular. It not only bolsters your learner’s ability to absorb, process, retain and retrieve information across disciplines, it also increases their tenacity while tackling complex material, subject-specific vocabulary, and new concepts. Creative writing has even been proven to raise math and science performance. “

“The Bardsy Homeschool Method breaks storytelling down into two complementary steps: develop and assemble. This method is woven into their online tools to minimize struggle and make writing accessible and fun.” Now you can see this method in action with their Super Character Toolkit.

This Comprehensive Kit includes:

  • Create a Super Character Lesson Plan and Activity
  • Bardsy’s Super Character Video Course-Part 1
  • Three Extensive Character Building Templates
  • Everything You Need To Get Creative and Get Writing

Download your FREE Super Character Creation Kit and see for yourself how Bardsy Homeschool can turn creative writing from drab to fab! If writing time has you pulling your hair out of your head and you really don’t know where to turn, Bardsy Homeschool can help you.

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