Daily Calendar Journal

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Daily Calendar Journal

Daily Calendar Journal

Years ago, I created this Daily Calendar Journal for my kids. I had seen all those beautiful boards that many homeschoolers and teachers use for their young students. Teaching the necessary skills like the date, season, weather, time, and so much more. I wanted to have one, but since we live in an apartment in Brooklyn with a shortage of space, I had no choice but to find a way to condense it all and make it workable for my environment. That is when I decided to create it like a book where I can put it into a binder, and I can use it at home and on the go.

Daily Calendar Journal In Book Format

Putting this into a book format is great because it is compact and you can take it on the go if need be. We love adding things to this as well. I have added positive affirmation copy work, worksheets to focus on specific areas, and more. Many of the pages in this journal can be placed into page protectors or laminated to let your learners reuse them day by day week by week and so on. Before we begin, take a moment and pin this post on your homeschool board for later!

Daily Calendar Journal helping kids develop basic everyday skills.

Going through the Journal

Let’s go through the daily calendar journal. It begins with a title page that you can place in the front of your binder or inside it. The next page is 100 days of school tracker. This tracker is a great way to keep track of attendance along with the next page, which is the daily Tally, it helps you to keep track of how many days each month you have done your lessons.

The 100 days of school tracker is a great way to get your kids excited about doing school each day, marking off each day with a sticker, or an X with the promise of a reward (like a special poetry teatime, field trip, etc.) at the end.

What day is it?

Next up is the “What day is it?” page, this collection or pages are placed in page protectors or are laminated. One page is blank where you write in the day, and the others have where you can trace them, we included weekends because sometimes our homeschool is in session on the weekend, sometimes it isn’t, so use whatever works for you.

In the boxes Yesterday? Today? And Tomorrow? You write the day, for example,

Today Mon (sometimes the abbreviation fits better) Yesterday Sun Tomorrow Tues

Write the day- is where you either write or trace the day.

Color in the number for today is self-explanatory, color in the number.

What is today’s number? In the boxes like the boxes above, you would write in the number for Today  Yesterday  Tomorrow

Is Today’s number odd or even? Circle the answer.

Write the day’s number- write out the number word.

What Time is it?

The following page is all about time, “What Time is it?” this is another great page to use each day, so place in a page protector or laminate it and help your little one practice telling time. I love this clock because it helps to explain the minutes, which is a great way to help little learners who are still rocky on the subject.

You write the time digitally on the question part and draw the hands on the clock. We also want to mark down the temperature for the day. Here we mark down the temperature it is outside by using a thermometer or checking the temperature on the news or an app on the phone. We also put down how we would dress for the temperature and weather that we observe. This is a great way to get thinking and talking about how to dress for specific seasons and temperatures.

Days in School

The next page is another excellent page to laminate or pop in a page protector, “Days in School.” On this page, we write down the number of days we have spent in school, using place value, breaking it all down in ones, tens, and hundreds. Below the place value chart, we add it all up. Then we break it down by figuring out how we can make the number in money.

I Can Write My Name

The next page, ” I can write my name!” helps track our handwriting progress, this is where your child writes their name at the end of each month, and you can see how their handwriting is progressing.

Monthly Calendar Page

The next page is the monthly calendar page since you can use this printable year after year, you can fill it out as you go. You are also tracking the weather at the end of the month. The page after this page, is the monthly weather tracking, do this throughout the month each day and then at the end go over to the calendar of the month page and mark the final stats and season.

Things you may need for your Daily Calendar Journal:

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Daily Calendar Journal helping kids develop basic everyday skills.

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