13 Diverse and Inclusive Books for Kids

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13 Diverse and Inclusive Books for Kids

I am a firm believer that representation matters. I purchase books and watch shows and movies with my children that include all types of people, diversity is important even if you are white. Like, seriously, giving your child the exposure to others’ worlds, the path they have to walk through life is an amazing gift to give. Inclusion is so important, it feels so good to be able to open a book, or watch someone on television that looks and talks like you. It is important to seek out all kinds of media that bring diversity and inclusion to the forefront. Before I continue sharing 5 Diverse and inclusive Books for Kids, please take a moment and pin this post to your reading board.

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Why Does Diversity and Inclusion Matter In Children’s Books?

Books can work as either mirrors or windows, mirrors that it can reflect a child’s own life or windows as it can give a child the opportunity to learn about the lives of others. It is always exciting for children to see themselves in stories, being able to draw connections, relate to characters in books. It helps children to feel understood and that they matter.

Representation Matters, every child deserves to open a book and read about a character that looks, thinks, or experiences life in the same way they do. It reinforces positive views about themselves and what they are able to achieve in the world.

Empathy, when our children have the opportunity to see things from someone else’s eyes that aren’t the same as their own, they build that beautiful character trait of empathy.

Conversations, reading books that have diversity and inclusion opens a great opportunity for you the parents to introduce the right types of discussions to bring about change.

Picture of Extraordinary Lives Complete Collection

Extraordinary Lives Complete Collection

This collection includes the following titles: Anne Frank, Katherine Johnson, Malala Yousafzai, Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks, Stephen Hawking

Series: Extraordinary Lives
From real-life narratives to timelines and facts, each fully illustrated book focuses on the life of an inspirational historical or modern figure. Explore the childhood, the achievements, and the qualities of each figure – the very things that helped them have such an incredible impact on the world.

Amazing Women

Discover the achievements of over 100 brilliant women from around the world. Featuring scientists and politicians, artists and sports stars, the lives of these women will inspire and empower the amazing women of the future to follow their dreams. 

This revised edition now includes the additions of Clara Barton, Nancy Reagan, Julia Child, Christa McAuliffe, Maria Tallchief and Condoleeza Rice. Additionally, the Find Out More section is not included in this edition.

Lightning Girl Books

Ten-year-old Aurora Beam feels utterly unremarkable, until the day she sees her little sister being picked on and suddenly, beams of light shoot out of her fingertips! With 4 books in the series, it is sure to keep your child content for a while!

Here And There

Have you ever wondered how people in other countries shop for groceries, go to school or work, or go on vacation? Well, Now you can see the ways our lives are different and what we all have in common with this entertaining and informative look at the lives and cultures of people all over the world.

Babies Come From Airports

Travel with these children to the airport when they pick up their new sister, you will notice everyone in the family looks like they’re from different cultures in different races that’s because this story is about adoption.

Bethany Sings Out

Bethany is an African-American student at the Shine School of Performing Arts, she’s been chosen to perform in a concert alongside her favorite singer but somebody is determined to expose her.

Dr. Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System

Visit the solar system and experience the planets, moons, asteroids and satellites and travel to places where no human has been before, this atronomical genius also has dyslexia you can give your children the confidence to accomplish their dreams to the Stars and Beyond

Luna Loves Library Day

Luna’s parents live apart. On library day, her mom drops her off to meet her dad. She and her dad look at books and read books and play. Luna loves library day. There’s a sweetness in Luna’s family situation as well as a playfulness around books that makes this a jewel of a book that shows a mixed race family. 


This sweet little guy lives in a village that is fighting a dragon, what is so special about this one is that he can’t hear but he uses his “dancing hands” to help everybody solve the problem.

Jessica’s Box

Jessica is in a wheelchair, she is so nervous on her first day of school that she brings a box and puts something special inside to try and make friends. If your child saw a child in a wheelchair what do you think they would say? Would they understand?

Home Sweet Home

How is your house similar to others around the world and how is it different? Discover what makes a house a home in this amazing celebration of the world that we live in.

Polly and Buster

Polly and Buster books cover a wide variety of topics and issues that are great for big juicy conversations of death of a loved one, diversity, bullying, true friendship, learning disabilities, discrimination, racism, prejudice and understanding other people’s feelings. It deals with hard issues in a fictional way that make it easier to talk about with your children. This book is also written for children who struggle with dyslexia just like Polly.

Grandma’s Favorite

All over the world in every language in every country grandma’s favorite is you. Explore this book of different grandmas from different cultures and backgrounds and have that discussion with your kids about how everyone is a little different.

These are just a few books that we have been enjoying. It is so important to open our children’s minds to see the greatness in everybody, to bond over all of our similarities, and marvel at our differences. Whether it is being a woman, Latinx, African American, Jewish, transgender, handicapable, or what have you, read about it all. Exposing your children to diversity can change everything. Creating new ways for your child to view people and themselves in the world.

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