Heartfelt Homemade Father’s Day Gift: A Printable Poem & Handprint Keepsake

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Heartfelt Homemade Father’s Day Gift: A Printable Poem & Handprint Keepsake

As homeschooling parents, we understand the importance of fostering creativity and encouraging our children to express their love and appreciation for family members. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ve created a beautiful, heartfelt homemade gift that your kids can make to show Dad just how much they care. This DIY gift combines a touching poem with your child’s handprints, creating a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

While this printable template is designed for Father’s Day, it’s also perfect for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, or any time your child wants to give a meaningful, handmade gift. The poem’s heartwarming message and the personal touch of your child’s handprints make this gift suitable for any special occasion or loved one.

Easy to Make with Our Printable Template

Creating this homemade Father’s Day gift is simple and fun with our printable poem template. All you need is card stock, finger paint, scissors, a photo of your child, and glue. Download the poem printable, and you’ll be ready to start crafting a one-of-a-kind gift that Dad will cherish.

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Handmade Gift From Child Template

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Print the poem: Using a piece of card stock, print out the poem printable we’ve provided or write out the poem yourself.
  2. Paint your child’s hands: Apply a layer of finger paint to your child’s hands.
  3. Press handprints: Have your child press their painted hands onto the printed card stock or a fresh sheet.
  4. Add a photo: Snap a photo of your child, print it, and cut it out.
  5. Finishing touches: Paste the photo onto the card stock, write in your child’s name and age, and your heartfelt gift is ready!

A Touching Poem for a Special Keepsake

The poem included in this printable template adds a special touch to the handmade gift:

“Here, my hand-prints are done for everyone to view. I had so much fun doing this for you. So, look upon this hand-prints plaque hanging on your wall, and memories will come back of me when I was small.”

This sweet message, combined with your child’s handprints and photo, creates a keepsake that will bring back cherished memories for years.

Benefits of Creating Homemade Gifts

Encouraging your children to create homemade gifts offers numerous benefits:

  1. Enhances creativity: Crafting encourages children to think outside the box and express themselves artistically.
  2. Strengthens family bonds: Making a heartfelt gift for a loved one helps children develop empathy and appreciation for family members.
  3. Creates lasting memories: The process of creating a homemade gift together becomes a cherished memory for both parent and child.
  4. Provides a personal touch: Homemade gifts are unique and showcase the effort and love put into creating them.

Create Lasting Memories with a Heartfelt Homemade Father’s Day Gift

This Father’s Day, help your child create a heartfelt, homemade gift that Dad will treasure for years. Our printable poem and handprint keepsake template make it easy and fun for kids to express their love and appreciation. Encouraging your children to craft personalized gifts fosters creativity, strengthens family bonds, and creates lasting memories. Download the printable template today and start making this special Father’s Day gift with your little ones!

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