DIY Father’s Day Gift for Kids

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Looking for an easy Father’s Day gift that your children can make for Dad?

DIY Father’s Day Gift

Celebrating Father’s Day with a little one is such an exciting time. Taking the time to create a gift for Dad is a perfect way to capture a memory and share your love in a fun and simple way. Creating gifts is always a great way to show how much you care, this gift is really simple. Before we jump in please take a moment and pin this post to your board.

DIY Father’s Day Gift

DIY Father's Day Gift for Kids

This year we created a very simple gift for Dad that did just that, captured a memory of Isabella, and shared our love for him.

Supplies for Homemade Father’s Day Gift

What you will need:

Printable Poem


Finger Paint




Download the Poem Printable here

How to make this Homemade Father’s Day Gift

What to do:

  1. Using a piece of card stock print out the poem printable I provided or write out the poem yourself. (the poem is below)DIY Father's Day Gift for Kids
  2. Then paint your child’s hands with a layer of finger paint
  3. press their hands on the printed card stock or a fresh sheet
  4. Then snap a photo and print
  5. Cut out photo paste, write in your child’s name and age.

Poem for the Father’s Day Gift

“Here my hand-prints are done for everyone to view.

I had so much fun doing this for you.

So, look upon this hand-prints plague hanging on your wall

and memories will come back of me when I was small.”

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DIY Father's Day Gift for Kids

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