Don’t Forget Yourself

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Don't Forget Yourself- you are important, homeschooling doesn't need to take over your whole life.

Don’t Forget Yourself

I get it, you have decided to homeschool, and now you have this huge responsibility on your shoulders. You have plans to make, principles to research, teaching techniques to learn plus any household responsibilities and if you work then you have that too plus any other obligations, right? Maybe you find yourself busy or just consumed in everyone else. The days, weeks, months, and even years have gone away. Perhaps you don’t even know who you are anymore. Don’t let this happen! I have been there, heck, sometimes when I don’t keep up with myself I head down the route of who am I? It is essential to make you a priority: Don’t Forget Yourself!


You are a person first


Honestly, you are a person first. Before you are a mom or wife, you are a person! You have interests, and desires which shouldn’t fall away because you have other priorities. Your life shouldn’t be all about them. You shouldn’t be all consumed with taking care of everyone else that you have no time left to take care of yourself or to continue to grow and develop.

You have interests, explore them

You have interests and desires. Whether they are small like join a Zumba class (I love me some Zumba!) or bigger like getting your masters degree, either way, you should explore them! I know that you have a lot going on since you have decided to homeschool. But one day, your children are going to be grown and on their own and you are still going to be there. Don’t ignore yourself now; you should always feel joy and fulfillment besides your homeschool and family life.


Stop thinking and Start Doing


It can be anything! It can be enjoying reading a grown-up novel once a month to learn how to quilt or garden. Stop thinking about it and start doing it whether it when the kids are napping or in bed for the night. Whether it is when your husband comes home from work one night a week, or what have you. Carve out the time for you and do things that make you feel good.

Just Do It

You don’t have to wait to be alone, while it is optimal to get a few moments of peace to dig deep into something that brings you interest it isn’t always possible and we want you to see this through. Let your kids know that you are taking time for yourself and that you value yourself enough to dig into your interests.

You Deserve It!

Don’t put off your learning, your passions, and desires just because you homeschool. Dig into them because you deserve to and because it will make your homeschool even richer. You are demonstrating self-led learning and passion. Letting them see you learn, it is a good thing!

Remember you deserve to thrive and grow. You deserve to feel fulfilled by things besides your family. You deserve to reach your goals and dreams. Don’t forget yourself!






Do you feel like you have forgotten yourself? Do you take time for your own interests and desires? Let me know in the comments below!


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Don't Forget Yourself- you are important, homeschooling doesn't need to take over your whole life.


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