Doubt Spiral

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Doubt Spiral Combating your homeschool doubts.

Doubt Spiral

In my latest post, I shared about everyone having an opinion on the decisions you make for your children and family. These opinions sometimes awaken or feed doubts that you already may have when it comes to homeschooling.

Motherhood awakens worry and doubt

I don’t know about you but something happened when I became a mother, my worrying increased dramatically and I stressed about everything I chose for my children. When my daughter went to traditional school, I worried. I worried that she wasn’t being challenged, that she was missing out on XYZ. She wasn’t flourishing. She was too stressed and rushing around too much. I felt stressed over if I have made the right choice sending her to school.

Doubting Homeschool

Then making the decision to homeschool, of course, I stressed over. Am I doing what is right for her? Now that we are in our homeschool for a few years I still worry, and doubt still fills my head at random moments.

It may be observing them with other children their age, where I notice them being a bit awkward and my mind will go there. If they are nine years old and haven’ mastered their times’ tables my mind will go there. If they are struggling to tie their shoes or their handwriting is a mess, you are darn tootin’ that doubt will invade my brain.

No matter if you are homeschooling or not, I believe doubt comes to you and tries to bring you down into that negative vortex where you can never do anything right.

Combating Doubt

So how can you combat doubt? Notice these thoughts that try to drag you into the doubt spiral. Look at the thought, accept it and comfort it with everything that is going right with you, your child and your homeschool.

Remember that we all go through this, we all get filled with doubt at one time or another. The best thing to do is to breathe and let your doubt have room so that way you can take time to put it into perspective and base your decisions on what is really going on and not on your doubts.



What are the doubts that keep you up at night? How do you let go of them or put them into perspective?  I would love to hear from you so comment down below!

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Doubt Spiral Combating your homeschool doubts.


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