Easy Fine Motor Activity with Stickers

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Easy Fine Motor Activity with Stickers

Easy Fine Motor Activity With Stickers

It is essential for our children to develop fine motor skills. Our children are always working on their motor skills and sometimes their play can help them develop even more! A great way to get your littlest ones sitting down and focused all while building their fine motor skills is to let them play with STICKERS!

Easy Fine Motor Activity with Stickers for Preschoolers


Getting the littlest ones focused

Sometimes it is really difficult to get little ones in one place and out of trouble. If you are a fellow homeschooler and you are working on teaching multiple ages sometimes your littlest ones can cause quite a ruckus. Stickers are a tool that is light, convenient, portable, and not too messy with supervision. Stickers are the perfect tool to get your little one sitting down and focused whether at home or on the go.

Stickers are a great tool to help develop fine motor skills

Stickers provide a great opportunity to develop fine motor skills, pincher exercises and some logical thought patterns are going on while playing with stickers. It can be tricky to get those stickers off the darn paper and that is helping your little ones work in their motor skills.

Easy Fine Motor Activity with Stickers for Preschoolers

Tips for using stickers

If you are doing this activity with older children you may want to use smaller stickers, and not take off the border of the sticker sheet. For younger children, we peel off the border to use as a template for them to place the stickers back into on a piece of paper. For younger children, we also used larger stickers so little hands can grab onto them better, the smaller the sticker the more challenging it is. Placing the stickers back into the border onto the sheet of paper gives added practice for those fine motor skills and all keeps everything less messy. Stickers all over the house can be a pain in the behind, so letting them play with one sheet of stickers and one sheet of paper with a task to do is wonderful at this age. Your children may need some assistance peeling off the stickers and/ or placing them down at first but with practice, they will be whizzing through this activity developing their fine motor skills and progressing to smaller stickers and having tons of fun along the way.

Just placing stickers?

Easy Fine Motor Activity with Stickers

Placing stickers may seem really simple but for tiny toddlers and preschoolers this can be a rally tough job. It is important to encourage your children. Be there to help them if needed. Let it be okay if it isn’t perfect or if they make mistakes. Just be a support system for them through their learning.

I find that making it fun and expanding a lesson could be as simple as engaging your child in a conversation. For example, “Let’s make a rainbow with the stickers!” “What colors do we need?” You just turned a fine motor activity into a lesson about colors, possible science and art as well. It really can not get any more simple!


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What are some of your favorite activities to help develop fine motor skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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