Easy Fine Motor Activity- Stickers

Easy Fine Motor Activity with Stickers

Easy Fine Motor Activity – Stickers

Are you struggling with teaching your toddler fine motor skills? Well the past few weeks have been so hectic and crazy. We have been running around to doctors offices, libraries, field trips and trying to catch up on work. It is hard to keep a two year old busy, learning and in one place and on top of all that OUT OF TROUBLE!

Stickers is something that I remembered playing with, with Isabella when she was little and developing her fine motor skills. He hasn’t had much experience with stickers but now he is obsessed!

Stickers provide a great opportunity to develop fine motor skills, pincher exercises and some logical thought patterns (those tricky stickers are hard to get off the darn paper!).

Learning fine motor skills through playEasy Fine Motor Activity - Sticker Sheet

If you are doing this activity with older kids you may want to use smaller stickers, not take off the boarder of the sticker sheet and some kind of template for them to place the stickers on. For AJ, we used larger stickers and I simply peeled off the boarder of the stickers from the sticker sheet and placed it onto a sheet of paper. Once the paper has the boarder from the stickers placed on it, you can give your little one the sticker sheet and sheet of paper and watch as they place the stickers in the spaces. They may need some assistance peeling off the stickers or placing them but with practice they will be whizzing through this activity developing fine motor skills and having fun.

Just placing stickers?

Placing stickers may seem really simple but for tiny toddlers and preschoolers this can be a really tough job. It is important to encourage your child. Be there to help them if needed. Let it be okay if they make mistakes.  Just be a support system for them.

I find that making it fun and expanding a lesson could be as simple as engaging your child in a conversation. “Let’s make a rainbow with the stickers!” “What colors do we need?” You just turned a fine motor activity into a color lesson, science lesson and art lesson.

It really can not get any simpler than this!


Looking for the stickers we used? You can get them here: (affiliate link)

What are some of your favorite activities to help develop fine motor skills? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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