Finding Happiness in Your Homeschool

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Looking for happiness in your homeschool? Is it starting to feel like it is a goal you can not reach? It isn’t always easy to find happiness in life or in your homeschool but it is possible to become more aware of what makes you happy and get more of it.

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Finding Happiness in Your Homeschool

Have you ever created a list of wishes, dreams, or goals? Have you ever included happiness on that list? I have! I have been in seasons of life where happiness indeed was a goal, a goal that wasn’t easy to get. Honestly, we know happiness isn’t a goal. It should be apart of our everyday. Usually, it isn’t ours all day every day, but it should be there at moments each day. This is the same when we mark happiness as a goal in our homeschool. We want a happy homeschool, one filled with joy while learning. But there are times of frustration, chaos, and even sadness. How can we find happiness in our homeschool? Before we jump into it, please take a moment and pin this post to your homeschool board.

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Happiness in your homeschool doesn’t equal perfection.

Somewhere in the back of my brain happiness was an ideal, adequate to this perfect little picture of what my life and how our homeschool should look. If I couldn’t achieve this picture, how could I be happy? Life isn’t a perfect picture for anyone. Life is loud, messy, moving, and imperfect.

Happiness doesn’t come when we finally purchased that specific curriculum that Holly Homeschooler raves about on her Instagram. It isn’t reached when we finally hit that target weight or accepted that dream job offer. It isn’t when our children eventually memorize all of their multiplication facts and are reading above or at their grade level. Those are moments of happiness that end up fading away as you strive for the next goal or milestone.

Happiness is a state of being.

Happiness is a state of being. It is a constant flow in our lives, not a destination. When we are looking to find happiness, we need to start highlighting and showing gratitude for the moments that we don’t recognize fully as our happiness. Whether you are looking for happiness in your life or your homeschool, it is essential to remember that it isn’t the destination, it is the path and journey through it all.

Finding Happiness in your homeschool isn’t always easy.

Sometimes finding happiness is difficult. I am not going to lie. I have experienced seasons in my life where I just wasn’t happy. I didn’t notice the moments of happiness. I was blinded by external things and negative emotions that blocked me from happiness, but once you take the one step out of that darkness and decide to be more conscious and aware of what makes you happy, things will start changing in your life.

What can happiness in your homeschool look like?

In our homeschool happiness is, my children laughing out loud during a read aloud, or a random hug and kiss, creating art together even if it makes a mess, doing science experiments filled with excitement as they shout out hypotheses. Happiness is exploring our world together and making connections as we learn and grow together.

Happiness is love, spread over all of my imperfections, my silly and at times struggling, sometimes conquering, life among my munchkins, surrounded by a chaotic mess and stacks of books.

Happiness is forgiving myself for my mistakes, my imperfections that make me who I am, for my inadequacy. Happiness is accepting that I don’t know it all, that I don’t have all the answers, and sometimes I don’t even know where to start to find the answers. It is accepting that I don’t have all it takes to homeschool, and at times I am genuinely scraping the barrel to keep it together.

Happiness occurs when you least expect it. You can’t plan for it either, have you ever tried to have planned happiness? My life can be stressful and busy, and not to mention chaotic as I try to keep all the plates spinning in the air. Yet, every day I try to find happiness in even the smallest things.

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