Have You Heard of Forbrain Yet? The Device is Improving My Son’s Speech

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How a Unique Headset Is Transforming My Son’s Speech

As a homeschooling mom, I’m always on the lookout for tools and techniques that can help my kids learn and retain information more easily. Recently, I discovered an innovative device called Forbrain that is making a big difference for my son who struggles with speech articulation.

is a bone conduction headset that helps improve auditory processing, memory, attention span, and speech production. It works by enhancing how you hear your voice, allowing you to perceive better what you’re saying in real-time. This instant auditory feedback trains your brain to distinguish sounds more precisely so you can correct speech errors immediately.

I first learned about Forbrain when researching tools to help my 10-year-old son with speech therapy exercises. His speech therapist suggested we try to help reinforce what he’s learning during therapy.

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The Science Behind Forbrain

leverages decades of research on auditory stimulation and bone conduction technology to improve verbal skills. Unlike traditional headphones, it sends sound vibrations directly to the inner ear for heightened speech perception. A specialized dynamic filter also keeps you focused and attentive by amplifying certain frequencies of your voice.

Together, these features activate auditory pathways in the brain to boost information retention, pronunciation accuracy, attention span, and working memory. Scientists believe strengthened auditory processing leads to better verbal fluency over time.

Easy to Use At Home

One thing I love about is how quick and easy it is to use daily at home. The headset is lightweight and comfortable for my son to wear. It runs on a rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of battery life. He simply puts it on and does his speech exercises or reads out loud while wearing it.

We try to use Forbrain for 15 minutes per day, but some days he wears it for 30 minutes or longer because he enjoys the experience!

Seeing Speech Improvements

After 6 weeks of consistent use, I’m noticing a difference in my son’s speech. His pronunciation is clearer. He seems more confident speaking up during homeschool lessons. I also think it’s helping him retain information better for his reading comprehension assignments.

While speech therapy is still essential, has been an excellent supplement to reinforce what he practices with his therapist each week. I highly recommend this device to any parents out there looking to support their child’s verbal development and learning abilities at home. It has made at-home speech practice so much easier and more effective!

Get Forbrain at a Discount

If you’re interested in trying after reading about my experience, now is a great time to buy. They are offering 10% off orders on their website for a limited time.

Use coupon code IHN10 at checkout to get Forbrain for just $269.10, instead of the regular $299 price tag. But don’t wait too long – this discount code is only valid until December 31, 2023!

Experience the speech and auditory processing improvements I saw with my son for yourself. Make progress on speech goals and retain information better with this innovative bone conduction headset.

Take advantage of the special savings and

with code IHN10 today. I truly think you’ll be amazed by the results.

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