GoldieBlox Invention Mansion Review

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Amazing STEAM toy for kids especially girls GoldieBlox Invention MansionGoldieBlox Invention Mansion

If you are looking for a fun toy that will keep your child happily playing for hours, while also learning and participating in STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)? Then look no further than the GoldieBlox Invention Mansion. We purchased the GoldieBlox Invention Mansion over this past Christmas and Isabella was so excited to open it up and play with it. But first she had to share her excitement with all of you. Scroll down to see her  “Unboxing” and review of the GoldieBlox Invention Mansion.

What is GoldieBlox?

GoldieBlox is an award winning Children’s Multimedia Company. They started on kickstarter in 2012 by CEO Debbie Sterling. She wanted girls to fall in love with Engineering like she did. The Engineering field is dominated ( 86% ) by males, and while females can have an attraction to engineering the over dominated pink aisles full of dolls and such deter little girls from traditional engineering toys. GoldieBlox introduced the very first female engineering character. They also combined storytelling with STEM which is a major attraction to many girls.

Our Experince with GoldieBlox

I found GoldieBlox in 2012 and the story behind it really resonated with me. I immediately purchased Isabella her very first GoldieBlox set. The original Spinning Machine! She loved it, and played with it for years, then we started growing our collection and falling more and more in love with the product. Isabella is a strong willed little girl. She is smart and seemingly never satisfied. She needs toys that challenge her but not to much that she will lose interest. GoldieBlox satisfies her need for challenge and balances it perfectly with fun.

My Review

GoldieBlox invention mansion is a great kit filled with over 350 pieces, a full-color booklet with idea starters. It is excellent for anyone interested in building and creating.  I love that it encourages open ended and exploratory play. There are thousands of ways to configure the mansion and ways to play with it. One thing Isabella and I both love is that all GoldieBlox toys are compatible with one another, so you can create bigger and better with each kit you purchase.

This kit all on its own is filled with tons of fun and creative opportunity. Perfect for any budding builder or emerging engineer.


Check out the unboxing


Saw the video?

Saw Isabella’s review? Want that amazing organizer she has to keep all her GoldieBlox parts organized and easy to use. Now that Isabella has quiet an extensive collection of GoldieBlox kits, it was one of the best ideas to organize all the pieces. Many of the GoldieBlox pieces are small and can be annoying to find if you aren’t organized when you are inspired to create. Isabella’s organizer is perfect but if you are looking for room to grow which we are! (there are some kits we don’t have yet) then I recommend this bigger organizer.


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STEM has never been more fun than with GoldieBlox Invention Mansion.



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