Goodnight Moon (Reading Club)

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Goodnight Moon Reading Extension and Craft

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is such a wonderful book that many of you may already own or one that is definitely available at your local library. It is such a soothing read, perfect for bedtime. Using it for our reading club lets us look at this book at a different time of day and use the beautiful rhythm and rhyme for learning and exploring. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this post to your reading board.

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Goodnight Moon Free Printable

The free printable can be downloaded from our library of resources if you are not already a Blooming Brilliant insider than join

For my printables, I like to print them out on card stock, because it makes it super sturdy for reusable use. To add even more sturdiness and make them reusable I like to laminate the materials. Laminating them or putting them into pouches or even page protectors let you be able to use dry erase markers or crayons.

Goodnight Moon Reading Extension and Craft

Goodnight Moon Craft

After you have fun reading the story and doing the printable activities, try out this fun and simple craft with your toddler or preschooler. Creating something from the story is a great way to foster creativity. Working together is also a fun way to bond and learn. Today we are creating a moon painting with puffy paint. It involves mixing together flour and salt and water which can be great for little ones to play with and explore their sensory development.

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How to Make the Goodnight Moon Craft

Goodnight Moon Reading Extension and Craft

What you will need:

You most likely have all the supplies you need already in your home, if you don’t, a quick run to your local drugstore or office supply store should be able to supply you with all you need, however, I have included affiliate links to Amazon where you can purchase everything you will need.

1 tablespoon of self-rising flour

1 tablespoon of salt

1/4 teaspoon of water (you may need more)


Black card stock


What to do:

  1. First, in a small bowl combine the tablespoon of self-rising flour and salt in a small bowl.
  2. Add in the water slowly mixing it in, you want the consistency of creamy yogurt.
  3. Once you have reached the right consistency you are ready to paint.
  4. Using black card stock paint your moon (large circle) onto it using the mixture.
  5. Once you have finished your painting pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and it is complete!

If you don’t have self-rising flour, it is really simple to make.

How to make self-rising flour

What you need:

1 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1  1/2 teaspoons of baking soda

What to do:

Combine in a bowl. Stir.

Watch and Create the Goodnight Moon Craft

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Goodnight Moon Reading Extension and Craft

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