Goodnight Olivia

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Does your tot love Olivia? Her books or her show are certain to delight toddlers and preschoolers.

Free Printable of Good Night Olivia Song Lyrics.

Olivia the Pig

Have you and your child seen the show, Olivia? It can be found on Nick Jr. It is about a little girl pig named, you guessed it! Olivia!!! She has two younger brothers and has all sorts of exciting adventures with her very active imagination.

Isabella and Olivia

My little darling, Isabella has been tuning in to it every once in a while and picked up the song that Olivia sometimes sings at the end, titled Goodnight Olivia. It is such a catchy song, I even find myself singing it! Although, I only know the first three lines or so. My 2 1/2-year-old, however, just started singing it the other day and I was completely shocked because we hadn’t actually caught the show in a while. They pick up these things so fast!

Goodnight Olivia Printable

If your little one watches Olivia and you are trying to figure out the words like I was, look no further. I have created a cute little printable (if I do say so myself) that you and your child can sing along with.

Get your printable here. It is a great way to learn the song as well as instill early literacy by singing along and reading the written word.

Feel free to share, all I ask is that you share this blog post and not the direct link to the printable.

Check out Isabella performing Goodnight Olivia

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Free Printable Lyrics for Good Night Olivia. If your kids love this Nick Jr. Show then they will love this free printable of song lyrics to one of the best closing songs.

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