Growing Takes Time

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Growing takes time. Ever been sitting with your child as they struggle with understanding their multiplication facts? Day after day you work with them as they struggle and frustration feeds into both of you. Eventually, weeks or months later it all clicks. You didn’t notice the growth taking place but it was all happening.

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Growing takes time

We all struggle from time to time. As we evolve in our lives and try new things out, we grow. It isn’t always easy. Usually, it is difficult, painful, and sometimes frustrating. But we do it anyway. We are continually growing, whether it is physically, emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually. How can we understand and be supportive of our children’s growth? Let’s remember that growing takes time. No one goes from newbie to master overnight. Before we dive deeper, helping our children grow, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board

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Growing takes time

Growing takes time. We see our children every day, and yet they seem to grow so quickly before our very eyes. However, growing takes time. It may feel like yesterday that your tiny baby was placed in your arms, and every day seems to bleed into the next. The days pass by, and they transform into weeks and months passing, and before you know it, years have passed. Your babies are no longer babies. While it feels like it goes fast, there is a paradox where it feels like it is taking forever, as the struggle will never end. Maybe it is a faze your child is going through that you can not stand, perhaps it is a milestone that they are taking forever to hit. No matter what it is, we have all been there thinking will this struggle ever end?

Growing has stages.

Growing physically or in a skill takes time. It is not mastered or achieved in a day. Here is an example, I gained some weight when I had children and boy did I wish it would melt off, I dieted, exercised, tried creams and potions, but none helped me to achieve the body I wanted overnight. Heck, I still don’t have the body I want. It is not something that is achieved instantaneously. It is something that you need to work each day to grow into or achieve. I didn’t go from out of shape to a supermodel. We don’t go from newbie to master in the blink of an eye. There are always stages.

Stages of Growth.

There are always stages of growth. Those awkward stages where we are uncomfortable, maybe stressed out, or perhaps even feeling defeated. I still think back to middle school, the glasses, and everything that goes on with puberty. You feel awkward; you feel uncomfortable as you grow. Well, growth doesn’t stop after puberty, and the awkward stage of growth can be found over and over again as you go through this journey of life.

Our job is to create opportunities.

Our job as parents and as educators is to create opportunities that match our child’s developmental stage and support their attempts. You see, I said to support their attempts, not their successes. Support their efforts as they are growing and developing. Once in a while, we will challenge our children and help them grow and level up a little bit at a time.

You will notice growth over time.

You will notice growth over time. You will not be aware of the growth that is happening every day. It is like when your family sees the kids for the holidays, you don’t necessarily notice they have grown and changed so much in the past few weeks or months, but your family who hasn’t seen them does. After some time, you will notice their growth, again, you don’t notice it every day or in every subject or area at the same time. However, you will see growth when your child becomes more comfortable with the material or process.

Patience and Support for Growth

It is essential to be patient and supportive as our children grow and make the efforts to reach their goals. Remember puberty. It wasn’t easy; it wasn’t always a fun time. It was a struggle; think about becoming a parent for the first time. We are all growing every day, give grace and support.

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