40+ Halloween Crafts to Try in Your Homeschool

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40+ Halloween Crafts to Try in Your Homeschool

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love when the air changes to that crisp coolness, and the leaves start changing here in New York. I love going to the farm with the kids, checking out the animals and picking pumpkins and apples each year. Another tradition I love in fall is the Halloween crafts. I decided to round up some of our favorite crafts, over 40 Halloween crafts to try in your homeschool, from our site as well as other sites that we think are awesome. Before we jump into all the crafts, please take a moment to pin this post to your craft board.

Halloween Crafts

Creating Halloween crafts is something we do every single year in our homeschool. It is something that makes this time of the year special. Here is a collection of over 40 Halloween crafts you can try with your children in your homeschool.

Halloween Craft Daily Tracker

Try our Halloween Craft Daily Tracker wheel, while it is a craft all on its own it also gives you themes for 13 days of Halloween crafts.

Pumpkin Crafts

Try our pumpkin mask craft, this is a craft and also a great way to get your child into dressing up for the Halloween holiday.

Try these tea light jack o’ lanterns, this is such a fun craft and if you have a Halloween tree this year this may be a perfect handmade addition to your décor.

Try this mosaic pumpkin craft, perfect for practicing fine motor skills as well as a fun art piece.

Witch Crafts

Try our tea light witches, this is such a fun craft that is not only adorable but a fun way to decorate for Halloween.

Try this witch’s brew slime, as a fun, creative, sensory approach to celebrating Halloween.

Create these adorable popsicle stick witches, are another creative and fun craft to try out with the kids this season.

Black Cat Crafts

Try our paper plate black cat craft, this is such a fun craft, that isn’t too spooky for the Halloween season.

Try this black cat wreath craft, a fun craft that turns into decoration, this wreath is certain to please.

Create a black cat corner bookmark, perfect for all your Halloween books.

Candy Corn Crafts

Try our candy corn craft, is perfect for building fine motor skills.

Try this edible candy corn play dough, a fun sensory way to add fun to Halloween.

Try candy corn slime, this is such a fun sensory approach to crafting this Halloween.

Try Popsicle Stick Candy Corn Craft, such a fun creative craft.

Ghost Crafts

Try our ghost bookmark craft, is a super simple craft that you can use in all of your Halloween reading!

Try out ghost handprints, a fun craft perfect for kids of all ages.

Try creating these adorable tea light ghosts, simple and adorable.

Vampire Crafts

Try our paper tube vampire craft , create a fun little character, the perfect addition to reading a story or creating your own!

Try these vampire corner bookmarks, fun, simple, adorable, and useful!

Try this super cute and simple paper plate vampire craft.

Mummy Crafts

Try our paper tube mummy craft, this fun craft is simple and adorable, add it to a storytelling or writing experience.

Try making this adorable yarn wrapped mummy craft, perfect for building fine motor skills.

Spider Crafts

Try our spider craft, make one, or make many, these are so much fun!

Try this adorable and fun spider web craft, perfect for perfecting those fine motor skills.

Try this fun and easy popsicle spider craft.

Frankenstein Crafts

Try our Paper tube Frankenstein craft, this is such a fun craft that you can play with later.

Try this Frankenstein wrap craft, perfect for building fine motor skills.

Try this Popsicle Frankenstein craft, super simple and fun craft.

Try making this cute and easy Paper plate Frankenstein craft.

Bat Crafts

Paper tube bat craft, is a fun addition to any homeschool Halloween party!

Try this fun tea light bat craft, these tea light crafts are a favorite because they light up and the kids love them so much!

Try this coffee filter bat craft, another creative and fun craft.

Skeleton Crafts

Try our Q-tip skeleton craft, which is a fun and fairly simple craft that goes perfectly with any lesson on bones or just having fun with the Day of the Dead or Halloween.

Try out these Skeleton Puppets, for Halloween or the Day of the Dead, Día de los muertos.

Try this adorable pasta skeleton craft.

Zombie Crafts

Try our zombie paper mache craft, this craft is just so much fun.

Try this super simple and fun, zombie handprint craft.

Try this super fun zombie paper plate craft.

Owl Crafts

Try our owl paper tube craft, it’s adorable and fun.

Try this super fun moving eyes owl craft.

Try this fun and creative paper plate owl craft.

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