Halloween Wheel

Halloween Wheel

Every year we enjoy sharing crafts for the season. Halloween is the time where we really start getting creative. We have gone through our old posts and cleared most of them out in order to share with you new and improved tutorials of some of the most simple, creative and fun crafts. We are starting this year with a wheel craft which will work a little like a calendar counting down to Halloween with a fun character and craft to go with it. This craft will be used every year or you can redo it every year or we may possibly create something else. However, we kept the craft simple and the characters too so in time we can post multiple crafts for each and you can choose the ones that are best for you!


What you will need:

You most likely have all the supplies you need already in your home, if you don’t, a quick run to your local drugstore or office supply store should be able to supply you with all you need, however, I have included affiliate links to Amazon where you can purchase everything you will need.

printable which you can download here.

2 paper plates



brass fastener

googly eyes


2 red craft sticks (optional)

construction paper


What to do:

  1. First, print out your printable and cut out the triangles.
  2. Next, use one of the triangles as a template on your paper plate and cut out one triangle on a paper plate, set this plate aside.
  3. Now, glue each triangle on your full paper plate, make sure that the triangles are in number order. You can leave a little space between them.
  4. Next, using your brass fastener pop a hole in the center of each layer.
  5. Separate your layers. Take the paper plate with the triangle cut out and decorate as you like.
  6. We created a monster by painting the plate blue.
  7. Using white construction paper cut out teeth (zig zags) glue them onto 2 red craft sticks, glue them onto the edge of your open triangle. This is your monster’s teeth.
  8. Paste on some googly eyes, be as creative as you like.
  9. Cut out some circles or add some cotton balls etc. and give your monster some personality.

You can decorate the front of the wheel however you like, you can make it look like a wheel or a witch’s spell book or whatever you like.


Video tutorial


Let us know

Did you enjoy this craft? Are you excited for the rest of them? Let us know in the comments. If you created this we would love to see it! Tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag- #bloomingbrilliant and #13daysofhalloween

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