Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary

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Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary one word at a time with Mrs. Wordsmith.

Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary

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I have been searching for a great curriculum that will be able to help my children grow their vocabulary and spelling skills. We are a family that loves language and devours books regularly. However, we were still in search of a spelling/ vocabulary program. So many of the curriculums I came across are dull and boring. They cannot keep kids attention and result in lackluster progress. Mrs Wordsmith is the first curriculum of it’s kind to excite children about learning new words. With their beautiful, colorful, hilarious illustrations Mrs Wordsmith is a winner.

Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary one word at a time with Mrs. Wordsmith.

What is Mrs Wordsmith exactly?

“Mrs Worsmith is the world’s most innovative vocabulary program. They combine data science and creativity to illustrate the 10,000 words that matter for academic success.”

Mrs Wordsmith is one of the fastest-growing, startups in the UK.  They help young people learn efficiently through engaging content from the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar. Their words are carefully selected and curated by Cambridge University data scientists to ensure that children learn the words they will come across at school and in the books they read.

Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary one word at a time with Mrs. Wordsmith.

We are firm believers that reading is the gateway to success, Mrs Wordsmith helps children to expand their vocabulary. There are a lot of times in of our read aloud sessions that a word is not understood and we don’t necessarily remember to stop and jot it down to look up later. That is why we were searching for something to help with vocabulary. We have only begun using it and it has helped my children understand more words, and make their writing even more exciting.

Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary one word at a time with Mrs. Wordsmith.

How does my child learn with Mrs Wordsmith?

Mrs Wordsmith currently has two sets of their curriculum:

The Social Journey: This set was designed for children ages two to four years old. Since Anthony just turned five, I wanted to make sure that he was ready for their other set which I am using now with both children.

The social journey curriculum helps develop social and emotional intelligence with the right words. It introduces new vocabulary on a foundation of familiar words. You can receive everything all at once or you can receive a piece of the set every month for 12 months.

What do you get?

  • Picture book- 20 social and emotional development words per book: 5 starter words to unlock 15 more challenging words and concepts.
  • Word of the Day workbook- Explore deeper into each word, and make them memorable with activities backed by the latest early years research.
  • Word cards-Flash card-style reminders of your child’s words for use as conversation starters and bright, bold, on-the-go reminders.
  • Stand- A sturdy, colorful stand to hold your child’s Word of the Day Workbook. Set it somewhere central to make learning new words a habit.

Benefits of The Social Journey:

  • Gives children the fundamentals to thrive.
  • Helps children navigate their emotions. Giving them the words to tell the difference between feelings, like being upset and being frustrated.
  • Helps children develop life skills such as sharing and inclusion from the context of their picture books.

Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary one word at a time with Mrs. Wordsmith.

The second curriculum set, The Narrative Journey is the one we are currently using. It is a 12-month set designed for six to thirteen-year-old children. Again you can get this set all at once as we did and receive a storage box and a sturdy binder to save all the word of the day pages.  I am truly impressed with this set and how it helps you focus on teaching your children 1 to 2 words a day. With its amazing illustrations and tools, it helps grab children’s attention. Their tips on how to teach your kids words is an added benefit. This is a great set that will help your kids understand more words in their reading and help them to become more creative writers.

What do you get?

  • 6 decks of cards and word of the day books based on these topics:
  1. character
  2. weather
  3. taste and smell
  4. action
  5. emotions
  6. setting
  • Stand
  • Binder
  • Dictionary

What are the benefits?

  • Gives children the tools to express themselves more richly.
  • Helps children learn new words in context and helps them to understand and retain more efficiently.
  • Makes children more aware of words and more curious about new words.
  • Children learn easier and faster when information is presented visually.

Mrs Wordsmith is a winner!

Mrs Wordsmith is hands down a winner when it comes to teaching vocabulary. The children have been so excited to use it and so have I. It has made learning so much fun and I am seeing so much growth in such a short amount of time in regards to vocabulary, writing, and spelling. I am proud that I get to share Mrs Wordsmith with you if you are interested in purchasing Mrs Wordsmith use my code  BloomingBrilliant10 to save 10% off your purchase.

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Helping Children Grow their Vocabulary one word at a time with Mrs. Wordsmith.

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