Helping Your Children Develop Social-Emotional Skills

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Helping Your Children Develop Social-Emotional Skills

Recently we started diving into the development of social-emotional skills in our homeschool with HeyKiddo. Social-emotional skills are essential to developing, especially now. With our children living through a global pandemic, their lives have been twisted and turned upside down. Life is full of uncertainties and stressors that they need help managing. Whether you homeschool or teach in a classroom, now is the time to add social-emotional development into your curriculum. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by HeyKiddo, I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

Recently we discussed teens’ and tweens’ motivations regarding their schoolwork and future career. However, an even more essential skill is social-emotional development which will help them in all areas of their lives, having the ability to identify their feelings, self-regulate, make responsible decisions, and build healthy relationships.

Why is communicating with our children essential?

As our children grow, their world becomes more and more complex. They are affected by everything that is going on in the world and their own personal bubble. They understand a lot more than we think, and their worlds become more complicated.

Sometimes it is easy for us to notice when something is going on with our children. However, we sometimes think the typical teenage hormones surging through their bodies will work themselves out.

Our children need to know that the door to communication is always open. We are here to listen (yes, phone down, eyes on them) and listen to what they are going through. They need to feel safe, that you may not like what they have to say, but you will listen and not flip your lid. 

Children are often so self-conscious and scared to share what’s going on in their life that they often choose to keep it inside, which can be dangerous and unhealthy. Establishing open communication where you both can listen and share is essential for navigating this turbulent time and developing the skills needed to cope with stress and any other issues. 

Talking to our children can be challenging. Sometimes they are closed off and don’t want to communicate or don’t know-how. Sometimes we have no clue how to start the conversation. That is where HeyKiddo comes in. It helps parents and teachers with conversation starters, activities, and reports. 

What are Social-Emotional Skills?

Social-emotional skills are skills that help us:

  • Become more aware of ourselves.
  • Improve our self-management.
  • Make responsible decisions.
  • Become more socially aware.
  • Build better relationships.

These skills are the foundation of living a healthy and prosperous life. They help our children thrive in all aspects of their lives by:

  • Building skills for jobs that don’t exist yet
  • Increasing emotional resilience to face life’s unexpected challenges
  • Strengthening self-esteem for our children’s unique path to success

How can we develop these skills with our children?

HeyKiddo and Social-Emotional Learning

HeyKiddo is a complete, award-winning program for building social-emotional skills, leadership skills, and mindfulness for children ages five to twelve.

HeyKiddo Huddle has fit into our homeschool perfectly as I feel mindfulness is an essential and unique subject we prioritize in our homeschool. HeyKiddo Huddle helps build self-awareness, mindfulness, positive mindset, empathy, critical thinking, resilience, and so much more. It has helped us explore and develop our social-emotional skills. It can be challenging to get your kids to open up and talk in-depth about any topic on our side of video games, social media, or pop culture. Sometimes, conversations are mostly surface level and rarely deep into social-emotional awareness. Any of us are uncomfortable going there, and why wouldn’t our children, who vary in age and awareness.

HeyKiddo Huddle steps in and helps make it easier to connect and develop these essential skills. They provide conversation starts as well as journal prompts and creative activities.

How Does HeyKiddo Huddle Work?

The HeyKiddo Huddle program integrates critical SEL skills into daily learning and living as a comprehensive social-emotional curriculum. It requires zero prep work which is a godsend for many of us busy homeschool parents, and HeyKiddo Huddle can do it in as little as 15-minutes a day or about an hour a week, whichever works best for your schedule. 

The curriculum builds mindfulness, a positive growth mindset, empathy, self-awareness, critical thinking skills, resilience, and so much more.

It also helps to develop a stronger bond with your child or students as it gives you insight into their thought processes and habits. 

What Support is in Place for Parents and Teachers?

One of the things HeyKiddo Huddle doesn’t do is provide a bunch of questions and leave you stranded on your own. Instead, a whole dashboard gives you access to various lessons and their accompanying activities. You can rate how your student progresses and see where they need more practice. 

It guides parents and teachers through precisely what you need to do, what you need to ask, and how to handle the answers that your children may give. 

HeyKiddo Huddle has given me the confidence to delve into those deep conversations without worrying that I would cause more harm or not know how to respond. 

Who is behind HeyKiddo

HeyKiddo Huddle is the only social-emotional curriculum that has been funded twice by the National Science Foundation. 

It was developed and tested by expert psychologists and educators who know what it takes to move children beyond those surface conversations so that they can create a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. 

There are two ways you can implement HeyKiddo.

HeyKiddo Huddle is a complete curriculum for social-emotional learning. It offers parents and educators the tools to open communication with their children.

HeyKiddo Talk is an app coming soon, the complete social and emotional coaching subscription for busy parents on the go. Expert insights and guidance are delivered as convenient text messages.

HeyKiddo provides:

  • Valuable insights to help kids develop positive habits
  • Live tracking of your children’s critical life skills
  • Support for talking about challenging life events

HeyKiddo also offers a free library of articles to help parents and teachers manage emotions like mental health, self-awareness, social awareness, relationships, resilience, and many more. 

HeyKiddo Huddle is used by real-life families as well as in schools

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Using HeyKiddo in our Homeschool Video

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