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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Amazing KidLit

Hispanic Heritage Month Book Review

Did you know that September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month? During this time, we like to recognize and celebrate the Hispanic and Latin Culture and contributions made by the Hispanic and Latin people. Hispanic and Latinos have been a profound and positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service.

 Just Behave, Pablo Picasso!

hispanic-heritage-book-review-just-behave-pablo-picassoJust Behave Pablo Picasso written by Jonah Winter illustrated by Kevin Hawkes is an enthralling tale of Pablo Picasso’s early life and exploration with art. Through this book, we learned how Pablo Picasso was a well-renowned artist, admired by the masses. That was until he started experimenting with different techniques with his art. Taking inspiration from African masks and adding it to his paintings resulted in a complete 180 from his fans. Now everyone was passing judgment on Picasso and asking him to paint in a sensible manner. But the world around Picasso was not sensible so he met the criticism of others with “the chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”

We thoroughly enjoyed this book. While we are ready for meatier books, this is a great introduction to the artist. The illustrations were captivating and colorful. We highly recommend it as an introduction to Pablo Picasso and his art.






hispanic-heritage-book-review-my-name-is-maria-isabelMy Name Is Maria Isabel

My Name Is Maria Isabel written by Alma Flor Ada Illustrated by K. Dyble Thompson was such a wonderful story that really opened our eyes and hearts to the meaning of our names. While we have discussed numerous times with Isabella in particular why she has the name she has, this story brought a new light to the meaning of names and how important they are for most people.

Our names are links to our culture, ancestors, family, and beliefs. This book teaches sensitivity especially when it comes to cultural differences. Maria Isabel is a great conversation starter. For example, being afraid to share troubles you are having at school with family. A conversation such as what could have happened if  Maria Isabel just told her family or teacher what was going on. I highly recommend it for teachers and for books for parents to read with children.







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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Amazing #KidLit.

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