Unlocking Excellence: The Best Online Homeschool History for High School with The Nomadic Professor

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Unlocking Excellence: The Best Online Homeschool History for High School with The Nomadic Professor

As homeschooling parents, we constantly seek exceptional educational resources that captivate our children’s interests and provide a well-rounded learning experience. As my daughter enters high school, I have researched and tried out curricula to help her excel. Today, I’m thrilled to share the pinnacle of high school homeschool history education – The Nomadic Professor. This online program sets a new standard for excellence in secular history courses, making learning an exciting journey filled with engagement, critical thinking, and valuable skills. Join me as we explore why The Nomadic Professor is the best homeschool history online. Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by  The Nomadic Professor, I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

Revolutionary Approach to Teaching High School History in Your Homeschool

The Nomadic Professor has redefined how history is taught, captivating young minds through on-location videos filmed across the globe. These captivating videos bring historical settings to life, whisking students away on virtual adventures to witness history unfold before their eyes. The presence of a real professor as their guide adds a personal touch, fostering a deep connection with the subject matter. Gone are the days of dreary history lessons; with The Nomadic Professor, history becomes an exciting exploration that keeps students eagerly coming back for more.

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Why is teaching high school history important

As a seasoned homeschooling parent, I understand the challenges of incorporating history into our curriculum. There were times when history took a backseat in our homeschooling journey, but as I realized the significance of this subject, it became an integral part of our children’s education. History plays a vital role in providing a genuinely comprehensive learning experience, teaching our children reasoning, discernment, and critical thinking skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

The Biases of History

One of the obstacles I encountered in teaching history was the prevalence of bias in historical narratives. The lens of the curriculum can shape history, the author’s perspective, and even the beliefs of the publisher. Recognizing this, I embarked on a quest to find a more representative curriculum that would present history in a balanced and unbiased manner. My goal was to empower my children with historical knowledge that allowed them to critically analyze current events, avoid biases, and make informed judgments.

The Power of Historical Knowledge

Every history lesson I conduct with my children is an opportunity to highlight the past’s profound impact on the present. By drawing parallels between historical events and contemporary situations, we can discern patterns and learn from the successes and mistakes of the past. Understanding history enables us to make better decisions and guards us against being manipulated or swayed by partial narratives. Ignorance of history leaves us vulnerable to repeating past errors and hinders our moral reasoning.

Fostering Intellectual Growth and Curiosity

History goes beyond memorizing dates and facts; it broadens our intellectual horizons and stimulates curiosity. By delving into the intricacies of historical narratives, we encourage a lifelong love of learning in our children. Additionally, history nurtures critical thinking, analysis, and the evaluation of evidence, allowing them to develop the ability to assess information, think independently, and make reasoned arguments.

The Need for Discernment

Amid the sea of information available today, the lack of emphasis on teaching kids to discern various sources and make connections between events is concerning. However, searching for a robust high school history curriculum, I found educators who recognized this need and addressed it head-on.

The Nomadic Professor: Pioneering Historical Literacy

The Nomadic Professor offers a refreshing approach to high school history education. They have developed a different history curriculum that imparts historical facts and fosters historical literacy skills. They breathe life into historical narratives by combining engaging history video lessons with exciting perspectives and activities. Unlike traditional textbooks, The Nomadic Professor utilizes multimedia resources that ignite students’ curiosity and enhance their understanding.

Above all, what sets The Nomadic Professor apart is their commitment to providing an unbiased view of history. This is crucial for teaching children to discern various perspectives and think critically about historical events. The program equips students with the tools to analyze information independently, make connections between historical events, and develop a well-rounded understanding of the past.

What Needs to be Covered in High School History?

Here in New York City, the history curriculum in high school typically follows the structure below. However, it may vary slightly depending on your needs. Here is a narrowed-down breakdown for a four-year history curriculum:

First Year- Freshman Year

Global History and Geography I: This course often covers ancient civilizations, such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the rise of other major world civilizations. It explores their political systems, cultural contributions, and economic structures.

Second Year- Sophmore Year

Global History and Geography II: In the second year, students typically study the medieval and early modern periods, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration, and the early interactions between different cultures.

Third Year- Junior Year

United States History: This year focuses on the history of the United States, starting from its colonial period and covering significant events like the American Revolution, the Civil War, westward expansion, industrialization, and social and political changes throughout the country’s history.

Fourth Year- Senior Year

Participation in Government and Economics: In the final year, students often study the principles of economics and how they relate to real-world scenarios. Additionally, this course may include civics and government education, covering the structure of the U.S. government, the Constitution, political systems, and citizen engagement.

Meet the Passionate Educators Behind The Nomadic Professor

While The Nomadic Professor is a revolutionary online high-school homeschool history curriculum (say that three times fast), it owes its excellence to the passionate and innovative educators who spearhead its development. Let’s take a closer look at the brilliant minds behind the curriculum, Dr. W. Kesler Jackson and Mr. Nate Noorlander.

Dr. W. Kesler Jackson

An Adventurous Trailblazer

Dr. Jackson is a trailblazer, both in the field of education and in his adventurous pursuits. With impressive graduate degrees from Penn State (MA in Humanities) and Syracuse (Ph.D. in History), he possesses a wealth of academic knowledge. But his thirst for learning and exploration knows no bounds. He has taught over 150 university-level classes and continually enriches his expertise while inspiring countless students.

The Nomadic Professor is a testament to Dr. Jackson’s unique perspective and dedication to making history come alive. His experiences living on five continents, running halfway across America, and learning five languages have shaped his approach to education. Driven by his passion for history, he has become one of YouTube’s most innovative professors, capturing the attention of learners worldwide with his captivating mini-lectures filmed on location. His extraordinary dedication to instilling a love for history in his students makes him the driving force behind The Nomadic Professor’s engaging content.

Nate Noorlander

Guiding Students to Success

Complementing Dr. Jackson’s expertise is the invaluable contribution of high school teacher Nate Noorlander. With a background spanning the United States and China, Nate’s teaching experiences have been diverse, covering middle school and high school history and English, IB History, AS History, IGCSE History and Global Perspectives, IB English, and Theory of Knowledge.

Mr. Noorlander’s responsibilities lie in creating the scaffold and guidance that underpin each course. His expertise shines through in crafting handouts, guided notes, quizzes, and document lessons, ensuring that students receive comprehensive support throughout their learning journey. With his vast knowledge and keen understanding of high school students’ needs, Nate ensures that The Nomadic Professor curriculum is tailored to cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and academic excellence.

A Dynamic Duo: Crafting an Immersive Learning Experience

Dr. Jackson and Mr. Noorlander form a dynamic duo that brings The Nomadic Professor to life. Their combined passion for history and dedication to innovative teaching methods are evident in every aspect of the curriculum. Going beyond traditional textbooks, they crafted an engaging, informative, and downright fun learning experience.

Their vision has resulted in a curriculum that captivates students with on-location videos, multimedia resources, and interactive activities, igniting a thirst for historical knowledge. The Nomadic Professor’s courses embrace historical literacy, empowering students to think critically, analyze information independently, and connect the past with the present.

Embarking on an Extraordinary Journey

With Dr. W. Kesler Jackson and Mr. Nate Noorlander at the helm, The Nomadic Professor offers an extraordinary journey through history beyond the ordinary. Their dedication, expertise, and passion for education have created a curriculum that sparks curiosity, fosters discernment, and encourages a lifelong love of learning. Through their collective efforts, The Nomadic Professor has revolutionized high school history education, paving the way for students to explore history in a dynamic and immersive way.

Embracing Complexity in Your Homeschool History

The hallmark of the best homeschool history program is its ability to cultivate critical thinking skills. The Nomadic Professor achieves this by presenting history as a nuanced and complex tapestry of events, avoiding simplistic or ideological answers. Instead, students are challenged to think carefully, analyze evidence, and consider multiple perspectives when interpreting historical events. By encouraging students to grapple with history’s intricacies, The Nomadic Professor empowers them to become discerning thinkers capable of making informed judgments and connecting the dots between the past and the present.

Comprehensive Skill Development

The Nomadic Professor goes beyond the traditional confines of history education by equipping students with a broad range of essential skills. Through their courses, students learn to read primary and secondary sources like professional historians, honing their research and fact-checking abilities. The program also emphasizes note-taking, writing extended arguments, and identifying logical and rhetorical strategies – all skills that hold value well beyond history. With The Nomadic Professor, your child will emerge as a confident, well-rounded learner ready to face any academic challenge.

Diving Deep into The Nomadic Professor’s High School Courses

The Nomadic Professor offers an array of high school courses that provide an immersive and comprehensive exploration of history. I’m excited about many of the upcoming courses! Their unique approach to education emphasizes rhetoric, logic, critical thinking, and analysis, making their courses stand out as a top choice for homeschooling families seeking a well-rounded high school education.

The American History Courses:

The Nomadic Professor’s American History courses are organized into four parts, each covering one semester. This allows students to complete the full high school history credit in two years, making it a rigorous and comprehensive history curriculum.


American History 1To Begin the World Over Again:

This engaging survey of American history spans from the pre-Columbian era to the ratification of the Constitution. Students explore the foundations, struggles, and triumphs that shaped the United States into the nation it is today. Throughout the course, students learn to think like historians, critically analyze historical documents, interpret political cartoons, and develop research questions.


American History 2 – The Noise of Democracy:

Picking up from George Washington’s inauguration, this course covers the period of Reconstruction. Students dive into the dynamic era of democracy, witnessing the challenges and advancements that marked this transformative period in American history. They also develop research and writing skills, work with primary and secondary sources, and refine drafting and editing techniques.


American History 3 – Monsters to Destroy:

Continuing the journey, this course covers the 1880s to World War II period. Students explore the profound changes, conflicts, and developments that shaped America’s role on the global stage during this pivotal time. In addition to engaging with American literature, students enhance logic and rhetoric abilities and master research and writing in new formats.


American History 4 – A Great Consolidation (Upcoming)

The fourth and final installment, scheduled to be released in the winter of 2023, will bring the narrative through the Cold War, providing insights into the recent history of the United States. This course will offer a deeper understanding of the nation’s challenges and triumphs, preparing students for standardized tests and effectively incorporating Nomadic History Courses on their transcripts.

Course Features and Format

The American History courses offer a comprehensive learning experience with many valuable resources. Each course consists of around 50 sessions, designed to be completed in 30-90 minutes each. The curriculum includes on-location videos filmed worldwide, immersing students in historical sites and contexts.

The courses boast over two thousand pages of engaging text, also available in audio/podcast format, narrated by Dr. W. Kesler Jackson. Guided notes, document lessons, quizzes, and other valuable resources support students’ learning journey.


Grading with The Nomadic Professor is simple! Daily quizzes are automatically graded and recorded, saving time and energy. You will submit all other assignments that need to be corrected and scored. Answer keys and rubrics are provided.

Purchase Options

The Nomadic Professor offers two purchasing options for their courses, each with the option to pay for monthly access or a one-time fee for each course.


The Premium account is suitable for teachers or parents.

A virtual classroom has a focused dashboard for easy progress tracking and grading.

It’s an all-in-one package.


The Standard account is ideal for students who want to explore history for personal interest without the burden of assignments and grades.

You have full access to the content.

Learn history at your own pace.

Credits and Accreditation

The American History courses The Nomadic Professor offers cover all the necessary hours and content requirements for a high school history credit. While The Nomadic Professor doesn’t provide official high school transcripts, each course includes an Instructor’s Guide to help organize coursework into a portfolio.

Historical Bias and Neutrality

The Nomadic Professor takes pride in presenting history as it is, without distorting facts to fit any specific agenda. The curriculum is based on rigorous research and relies on primary and secondary sources to provide a comprehensive and accurate account of historical events. It promotes discernment and critical thinking rather than pushing a particular viewpoint.

The Best Homeschool History Courses for High Schoolers

Learning Styles Consideration

The Nomadic Professor’s American History curriculum caters to all learning styles. Its audio-visual format incorporates beautiful images, timelines, and videos to visually and contextualize history. The curriculum also offers valuable audio support, allowing auditory learners to engage with the material through podcast-like episodes. What sets this curriculum apart is its consideration for kinaesthetic learners, encouraging them to physically interact with the material and form connections between historical terms, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject.

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User-Friendly Making Homeschooling A Dream

As a homeschooling parent, I know the importance of easy-to-navigate educational platforms. The Nomadic Professor excels in this area, offering an intuitive course structure that caters to homeschooling needs. Students can listen to complete audio sessions, ensuring accessibility for various learning preferences. With original content and a strong emphasis on primary source excerpts, students gain an authentic historical experience that sets the program apart from conventional textbooks. Guided notes, quizzes, and document-based lessons provide the necessary support and structure, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Homeschool History That is Peer-Recognized

The Nomadic Professor’s commitment to excellence is acknowledged by homeschooling families and experts in the field. Cathy Duffy, a reputable homeschooling curriculum reviewer, has recognized The Nomadic Professor among her top 103 picks. This peer recognition further solidifies the program’s standing as the best homeschool history online, offering reassurance to parents seeking the highest standard of education for their children.

Embrace the Best Homeschool History Experience with The Nomadic Professor

As we navigate the vast landscape of homeschooling resources, The Nomadic Professor stands tall as the epitome of excellence in history education. Its engaging approach, focus on critical thinking, and comprehensive skill development make it the perfect choice for homeschooling families seeking the best for their children. Embrace the journey with The Nomadic Professor, and witness your child’s passion for history ignite while they acquire invaluable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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