Homeschool Consulting

Homeschool Consulting

Need Help in Your Homeschool?

When homeschooling becomes scary and overwhelming.

Homeschooling Overwhelm

I know from personal experience that deciding to homeschool can be scary and overwhelming. You wish you had someone to hold your hand and help you get started. I try to supply as much information as I can for free!

Check out our Free homeschooling content here!

You can see how to get started with a Letter of Intent or how to fill out your Individualized Home Instruction Plan and Quarterly Reports on our website. You can even check out our hauls and reviews of the curriculum we have used in our own homeschool.

Looking for a community?

Sometimes you just need a community! A place where people understand you and you can voice your fears and frustrations without judgment. Someplace where you can find encouragement, inspiration, and support. If you are looking for a community join us in Blooming Brilliant Homeschoolers Facebook Group Here.

For my homeschool sisters who need to have personalized help, I have your back!

Sometimes being able to verbally hash out your homeschooling plans and problems with an experienced homeschooler can make all the difference.

My areas of homeschooling expertise are:Homeschool Consulting

  • Getting Started Homeschooling
  • Choosing Curriculum
  • Overcoming Anxiety Teaching Your Own Children
  • Getting Creative with Your Homeschool
  • Deschooling (moving from traditional school to homeschool)
  • Tailoring Homeschooling for your Family/Parenting Style
  • Homeschooling Multiple Ages
  • Homeschooling in New York

Please note that I cannot help you with matters of homeschooling regulations outside of New York. I can work with you to figure out how to homeschool within your state’s guidelines, but you must be familiar with what your state’s requirements are.


Who is a homeschool consultation good for?

  • Someone who is struggling with getting started homeschooling and has read the posts and watched the videos and doesn’t know where or how to get started.
  • Someone who needs help figuring out what kind of curriculum would be the best fit for their children and where to find it.
  • Someone who is scared of becoming their child’s teacher and is working to overcome that fear.
  • Someone who is leaving a traditional school environment and doesn’t know how to relax into homeschool.


How does a homeschool consultation work?

You purchase a consultation which is a 30-minute conversation via telephone. Once I receive your order, you will get an email requesting information such as details you would like to discuss and what time and day works best for you. We will set up an appointment and I will call you at the time of the appointment. We will discuss the details you have outlined on the form. After the phone call, I will email you any details that we may have discussed such as bullet points and links etc.  There will also be a customer satisfaction survey, There are no refunds once the call is given.


How much does a homeschool consultation call cost?

Currently, a homeschool consultation costs $60.00 for a 30-minute phone consultation.

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