History Timelines For Your Homeschool

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History Timelines For Your Homeschool

History is such an important topic and one that I have been struggling with teaching in our homeschool lately. It can be difficult to make history come to life, but Home School in the Woods has made it easier to make history more engaging and help everyone remember the important dates with their HISTORY Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures. Before I share all about how Home School in the Woods, Timeline Figures can be used in your homeschool to make history come to life, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

*Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Home School in the Woods, I was compensated for my time, all opinions are 100% my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to post a positive review. You can read my full disclosure here.

About Home School in the Woods

Home School in the Woods is a family-owned company. The creator of these beautiful products is the talented Amy Pak, a homeschool mom, and illustrator. She doesn’t do it all alone, as her children have been involved in the business since 2002.

Home School in the Woods is known for its timeline products, History through the Ages, but they have numerous products that are engaging, with hands-on materials that help to bring history to life for your homeschoolers, including map work. Some of the most popular products are Project Passport, World Maps, Hands-on History Activity Paks or Lap Paks, Time Travelers Unit Studies, and there are more!

Timeline Figures and How to Use them In Your Homeschool

I am so happy that we added Timeline Figures to our homeschool. Timelines are an incredible way to see history unfold, and they are perfect for all students from kindergarten through high school. Timelines help everyone see how each person and event fits into the big picture of history, as well as an exceptional way to keep track of everything we have studied over the years. They are beautifully designed and extremely well organized. It can be overwhelming at first once you download all the files, but once you take a breath and dig in, you will be so excited to incorporate them into your history lessons. They can also be used for various subjects besides history, such as scientists, authors, explorers, religious figures, composers, architects, inventors, musicians, presidents, artists, just so much!

The Essential Timeline Library

 The Essential Timeline Library is a printable download that gives you everything you need to create beautiful timelines as well as other projects in your homeschool.

This pack contains the whole collection of timeline figures by Amy Pak plus some other additions, all digitally, which means that you can use them for your whole family, year after year, in a multitude of ways.

The timeline figures cover the whole history from creation to the present day with 1,444 figures to choose from. Note that Home School in the Woods reflects a Young Earth Perspective, as well as is presented from a Protestant viewpoint. This is important to note for the religious figures included in this set. 

The Essential Timeline Library pack includes Timeline Figures, Timeline Notebook, and Placement Guide.

The pack comes with various types of licenses: family, teacher, or school, and it has three main components as mentioned above. Let’s break it down!

Timeline Notebook

  • 130 pages +cover design
  • Planned Timeline
  • Horizontal or Vertical options
  • Blank Timeline page included
  • 5000 BC to 2050 AD
  • Each page spread has a quote

Placement Guide

  • 66 pages
  • The placement guide for every figure included
  • Helpful advice and tips
  • Visual guide

Figures Collection

  • 1,444 figures
  • Contains HISTORY Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures and 3 add-on PAKs
  • Images with and without text
  • PDF and GIF Images
  • Easy to search indexes
  • Various Categories include historical figures, authors, artists, composers, scientists, and so much more.

How to Navigate the Downloads

I am overwhelmed! That is how I felt after downloading the complete set, however, I took a deep breath and started to explore. I could easily navigate through all the documents with the search option on my laptop, and I was thrilled to see Home School in the Woods detailed index. Figures can be searched by name, date, or even other categories like Ancient Rome, Disasters, American History, Authors, Artists, etc.

Using Timelines for History

History can sometimes feel abstract. With so much going on worldwide simultaneously, it can be really confusing to understand and retain all the events and people. Timelines make this clear and easier to digest and understand. 

History isn’t only wars, rulers, and events that we typically think of as history. All of our subjects can fit under the umbrella of history, and timelines can help kids see how it all fits together while making history come to life. 

Don’t Stop At Timelines!

While this set is perfect for timelines and does help you to create beautiful timelines, it doesn’t have to stop there. If you are like me and have kids of various ages, you may want to aim for the middle and teach them the same things while tailoring the lessons for each grade level. With the Timeline Figures, you can create flashcards, games, trading cards, coloring pages, book reports, unit studies, notebooking, lapbooks, and so much more! 

You can use them to make history more interesting, but you can all add depth to any of your studies and help all your children learn based on their skills and learning style. 

There are so many ways to create timelines, and the Essential Timeline Library will help you create beautiful historical timelines, whether they are in a notebook, accordion-style, wall timelines, fabric timelines, or what have you. 

After using the Essential Timeline Library for a bit, I have some tips to help you make the most out of these resources. 

If you choose to print everything, I highly recommend the Homeschool Printing Company (I am not an affiliate; I just really love the company). They can print and bind your books affordably on high-quality paper, however, there is usually a small wait period of a few weeks. 

You can choose to print everything yourself, as you go, or all at once. I highly recommend using a laser printer as ink costs will start to pile up; this is a good tip for all of your homeschool printing needs. 

If you choose to bind your own books, a binding machine may be a reasonable option; it can be used with a wide variety of homeschool printables and printable curricula. 

For best results, I recommend printing on cardstock which is perfect to use with markers, watercolor pencils, and brush, or any other medium and ensures no smudges or bleeding. 

If you choose to make flashcards, game cards, trading cards, book covers, or anything that you want durable, you may want to pick up a laminator.

It may also be fun to print the Timeline figures on sticker paper for both notebooking or creating a traditional timeline; the possibilities are endless.  

You do not NEED all of these supplies. These can just amplify your experience with this and many other curriculums as well. 

The Essential Timeline Library coordinates with most curricula, and Amy has created helping guides to coordinate with two of the most popular history curriculum, Story of the World and The Mystery of History. However, this collection works wonderfully with living books and many other curriculums.

The Truth About History Timelines For Your Homeschool

Giveaway and Coupon

These are great resources for your homeschool. Don’t miss out on bringing history to life with Home School in the Woods.

These are great resources for your homeschool that save you so much time and energy trying to do it all on your own. It also opens the door to creativity as you can personalize any history and even other subject curricula with this set. Make sure to check out Home School in the Woods and all of their amazing products! 

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History Timelines For Your Homeschool

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