Learning Math in Our Homeschool with CTCMath

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Using CTCMath a Multisensory approach to teach math in our homeschool.

Learning Math in Our Homeschool with CTCMath

If you know me at all then you know I have some insecurities when it comes to teaching Math. I even wrote about my early experiences with math and how it has made me feel unqualified to teach my children the math skills they need. However, I have faced these insecurities and keep pushing through with the help from excellent curricula, such as CTCMath.


I was looking for something to supplement our regular Math program because my children sped through 2 years worth of work but didn’t seem quite ready for the next just yet. I received a complimentary year subscription for my two children in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts on their curriculum. I love our usual Math program. However, I also like exploring new ways to get my children excited about Math.


My daughter, in particular, is apprehensive when it comes to math. She doesn’t feel like it is her best subject and she shies away from it. Finding something to work on the skills she is looking to master with a wiggle room to move around based on ability versus grade level and that gives me confidence that I am teaching her properly is hard to find in place. That is why we have been so lucky to find CTCMath.


CTCMath is a curriculum that teaches children Math on the computer through short videos and questions based on the video they watched.

I love that it is through a website, there is no downloading just purchasing a subscription which you can buy a single subscription for one child or a family subscription (which is only $10 more) if you have more than one child.

Try out CTCMath for Free!

Some Benefits of CTCMath are:

  • CTCMath helps children learn math in a multisensory approach.
  • Learning at your own pace.
  • Builds Confidence
  • Available 24/7- Work when it is best for the student
  • You can catch up (working at a lower grade level up or you can go ahead moving onto another grade level)

CTCMath Videos

CTCMath videos tutorials are lovely because they are SHORT and sweet! They range from 4 to 9 minutes, and they show step by step how to use the method they are teaching then they go over it with you before you do your questions. Need to hear that again? No worries just replay the video, pause it, work it out, replay again. You have control where you need it. The CTCMath video tutorials use synchronized audio and animation which harnesses both audio and visual learning styles simultaneously! That is what I am talking about when I say a multisensory approach to learning.  CTCMath lessons can be studied from a computer, tablet or a smartphone!

 CTCMath Interactive Questions

Following each CTCMath video tutorial there are a series of interactive questions or an optional printable worksheet. which tests the understanding of key concepts. Answers are sumbited into CTCMath who uses their automated marking system which stores the results for each studen in their ongoing progress report. You can even go into the parent/teacher part of the website and delete bad grades if your student wants to redo it from scrath, they can do more questions on each topic if they choose and work on their grade that way as well.  This part of CTCMath brings in the third learning style – Kinaesthetic, which is the process of actually doing the math yourself.

 Questions Complete

When the questions are completed, you will get an optional download of the questions your child did if done electronically, and a printable one page summary of each tutorial which provides the student with  concise and complete notes from the math tutorial. We love this, because it is perfect as a reminder for revision and review. 


 Reports and Grades

All the grades from your child’s lessons are marked through CTCMath and ongoing reports are kept for each child. CTCMath also keeps track of each math lesson a student attempts and their results are stored along with all the stats you need to know about what they scored, when and how much time and effort it took for them to pass the lesson. This gives you great insights on where you need to focus. 


Final Thoughts

CTCMath has made us so happy, it teaches basic concepts of math as well as advanced. It has taught my children alternative ways of figuring out problems as well, which sometimes works out for better understanding. 

CTCMath can be used as your main Math curriculum, it is just something that we tried out as supplementation first.  



Want to try CTCMath in your homeschool?

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How do you feel when it comes to teaching Math? Have you ever tried CTCMath? What makes you interested in trying it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Using CTCMath a Multisensory approach to teach math in our homeschool.










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