Homeschool Supplies to Stock Up on Year After Year

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Homeschool Supplies to Stock Up on Year After Year

Homeschooling is not like school. We use many of the supplies we accumulate over the years, year in and year out. When you are approaching the end of a break in your homeschool, it is the perfect time to ensure all of your supplies that tend to diminish through the year are stocked up.

This post will focus on some of the homeschool supplies you will likely need to stock up on regularly. If you are looking for the bigger essentials that are staples for your homeschool, you will want to check out our list of Essential Homeschool Supplies.

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The Best Homeschool Supplies

Over the years, we have collected some of the best and most exciting school supplies we use year in and year out. I also love purchasing a few fun treats for the kids and even myself each year, like pens and notebooks. I also like checking over all our supplies at the end of the school year and stocking up on things we frequently use so I don’t end up frustrated waiting for computer paper, glue sticks, or ink to arrive and postponing a lesson.

Stationery Supplies

Stationery supplies are one of my favorite things! I love pens and pencils and notebooks and all kinds of fun things to use for writing and creating and taking notes! I will share some of our favorite supplies we have used in our homeschool over the years. For instance, I have bought many of these pens for myself, and my kids have managed to use them in our homeschool and take them over as theirs. Again, these are things collected over the years, find your favorites and then make sure to have them on hand each year.

Erasable Pens

I personally love all of these erasable pens. Some of them write thicker, and some of them are thin. They are perfect for me to use when I am filling out my homeschool planner, but they are also perfect for my kids to use. I can help my youngest work on their handwriting by using the thick erasable pens that they can trace with a thinner pen which is usually not an erasable pen. However, my older child can do copy work with the erasable pens and they come in so many fun colors and keep things exciting.

Note* The Pilot FriXion pen ink disappears in heat, I accidentally laminated something my youngest wrote on with them, and everything disappeared. It can be cool to experiment, making secret messages by heating up the page with a blow dryer and then seeing them pop back up by putting them in the freezer, but I do not recommend laminating anything written with them.


Depending on what stage you are teaching in your homeschool, you may need highlighters. I have a few that I like, which we tend to utilize more with my older child. However, I also use them when reading books and taking notes on my own.


Yes! I whole section for Sharpie markers! Sharpie markers are excellent for all kinds of projects in your homeschool. Personally, I love to use them. All the colors and types are just incredible. I don’t even mind when my kids use them as long as they don’t let them dry out.

Other Pens We Love

Yes, even more Pens! I am slightly obsessed with pens, but there is so much that a nice pen awakens. It makes you want to write!

Personally, the Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens are an original favorite of mine. They come in a wide variety of colors and write beautifully. I use them for various activities in our homeschool and for myself.

Another favorite is PILOT G2 Pens. These write like BUTTER! I mention them earlier, but they glide wonderfully and are a favorite of mine. I linked to black ones earlier when I talked about my youngest writing over my writing, but these ones are in color, which is just so beautiful.

If you are into notebooking, then you may love Midliners as we do. They are bright and colorful and fun to use when creating notebooks filled with all the learning plus doodles and all that fun stuff.


Pencils are a necessity in your homeschool. You will use them for everything, especially math and drawing. You can get any kind of pencil that works for your kids, sometimes getting more playful pencils to help motivate kids to use them.

Maybe your kids prefer mechanical pencils, maybe they are more fun, or you find them more beneficial. Sometimes they work out better if you don’t want to constantly stop to resharpen your pencil. Some of our favorites are below.

Dry Erase Markers

Depending on your children’s ages, you may need to use dry erase markers, we have used them every year of our homeschool so far, but in some years, like the preschool and early elementary school years, we have used them much more than now.


Clipboards are often used in our homeschool. They are perfect if you are doing school in the car, but also if you are working on the couch or bed. It’s ideal for kids of all ages to do work where they are most comfortable.


Depending on how you homeschool, notebooks may be necessary for you and your children. My daughter recently got into taking notes. She likes to make them fancy, with colorful pens and washi tape. It helps her to organize what she is learning and also digest it. Making sure you have a few stocked away is an excellent idea if you need notebooks in your homeschool.

I recently found these notebooks which are also suitable for different areas of your homeschool. If you are following a Charlotte Mason homeschool style these are tailored to specific subjects.

Other Fun Supplies

When Looking for office supplies, adding some cute novelty stuff helps. Kids love exciting things, and so do we. So a stapler that looks like a dinosaur head can add some fun to your homeschool. Also, stickers, washi tape, reading darts, post-its, tabs, paper clips, and binder clips are all things you may need in your homeschool.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to make sure that you have stocked up on ink and computer paper. Also having a pack of cardstock on hand doesn’t hurt. I also like to ensure I have enough tape and glue put away because my kids go through that stuff quickly. Between projects and crafting, they just love using it all up.

Even More Homeschool Supplies

While you don’t NEED everything on these lists, many things can make your homeschool fun and run smoothly. I just compiled some fun and exciting things we regularly use in our homeschool. I also love to the point of obsession, stationery supplies. If you haven’t checked out our Essential Homeschool Supplies post, which includes many staple pieces, check it out now. There are more lists that we provide for specific subjects as well as organization. I hope they help you to gather what you need for your homeschool.

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