We All Need Support in Our Homeschool

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We all need support. Find out how and why support is so important in our homeschool journey.

We All Need Support In Our Homeschool

Support! Have you ever notice how much you thrive when there is support? Like seriously, when you are around supportive people that make you feel safe, comfortable and good about yourself, you are up to try anything! You are bound to experiment and get creative. You are not worried about making a fool of yourself or if they will laugh at you. You go for it! Well, we all need this in all areas of our lives but especially in our homeschool.


Support for the Homeschool Mom

We need to have a support system in place, a safe place where we can vent when things are going wrong, a place where we can share new ideas that we try out and have people who celebrate our wins and give us their shoulder to cry on when we fail. We want people around us who are proud to see us succeed and are like that is my girl! She is an amazing homeschool mom!


Being the support for our homeschoolers

While it is crucial for us to have support through this journey. It is also essential to be the support system for our children. While we have so many plans and wishes for our children, it is vital to be there for them with little to no judgment so they can try out their new ideas without the concern that we will be devastated if they mess up. The shouldn’t need to worry that we will get upset, or laugh at them, or only focus on their mistakes. We need to try to support their interests as well as their attempts. That doesn’t mean dish out a load of cash for every new thing they want to try out, that means taking them to the library to do research or sitting with them on the computer or gaming system while they play Minecraft. It means if they don’t like writing to have them dictate their story to you. It means taking your child who dislikes math, math worksheet and saying WOW! look at the problem you got correct instead of look at all of these you got wrong. For more on trying to be less judgemental read here.


Be Supportive and Find Support

Being supportive, truly supportive of those we love is essential. It is also necessary to be surrounded by supportive people for ourselves. If you don’t feel supported make sure to find someone in real life or online who has your back. Feel free to join our community of homeschoolers. Find that support and be that support for those you love.




Do you feel like you have a good support system in place? Do you feel like you are a good support system for your children?  Let me know in the comments below!

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We all need support. Find out how and why support is so important in our homeschool journey.




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