Don’t Rush into A Rash Decision in Your Homeschool

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Don’t Rush into A Rash Decision in Your Homeschool

Homeschool isn’t always fun; sometimes, it is hard, frustrating, exhausting, and even chaotic. Sometimes you think about giving it all up, but today I am reminding you that the results will come in surges and also after years go past. While Homeschooling can be difficult, don’t rush into a rash decision in your homeschool. Before we continue, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

Don’t make rash decisions when your children hate homeschooling

Don’t make rash decisions when your children are bored or profess to you that they hate homeschooling. It is only a momentary frustration. Therefore you shouldn’t go and make permanent decisions in this state. We have all been there, (you may not think so, because some of us have perfectly curated Instagram accounts to make it look picture perfect), but trust me when I say we have all been there, we have all been in a realm of complete exhaustion and frustration. Whether it is resistance towards math or writing or siblings constantly arguing and getting on each other’s nerves, we have all had days where we were inches away from calling our local school or polishing off a bottle of wine or a pound of chocolate by 11 am. Breathe. Feel comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this situation.

Take Note and Process

Take note that if your kids are acting out or professing their frustrations to you out loud that they feel safe enough to voice their feelings, and you are the one in charge. Try to consider this, and before you let your feelings react, make some space for their emotions and your own. Let it all process and refrain from making rash decisions, instead focus on supporting your child, show compassion, and stick to your plan. It is also always good to take breaks; we all need them at times.

Sometimes the meltdowns and frustration explosions are due to overwork on our students and ourselves. Scheduling or spontaneously taking a break when you feel like everything is falling apart is A-okay, refrain from the guilt trip.

Principles and Practices

Don’t feel like you need to make rash decisions when you try to implement principles that are working for everyone else. Still, you are finding yourself frustrated, give yourself grace before you toss all the principles and practices out the window. Instead, look at what is working for you and your family, maybe certain practices work for certain children, instead of throwing it all out adopt what works for you and your family. Your family is unique and your top priority, don’t expect to apply someone else’s principles and practices and have some cookie-cutter results. We are al unique and our children are no different, it is what makes them who they are and we wouldn’t want it any differently.

Take care of yourself

Don’t make rash decisions when you have had a bad day, week, or season. We all go through ruts and have rough days. We fall into the frustration traps, overwork, and overwhelm. Remember to practice self-care and to teach your kids how to practice self-care too. Yes, I am serious, in our hyperactive world filled with over scheduling, screen obsessions, and high demands kids need a reminder and sometimes an example when it comes to self-care.

Be Good to Yourself

Be good to yourself and your kids. Breathe. Take it slow and if need be take a break. It’s okay to focus on fun to spice up a humdrum homeschool season. It is also okay to do absolutely nothing for a day or two. Before you make any decisions, get a good night’s sleep, access your feelings and your kids, and really think it all over, then you are ready to do what you need to do and don’t feel guilty about it, you know what is best for you and your family.

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Don't Rush into A Rash Decision in Your Homeschool

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