The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning

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The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning

The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning

A few weeks ago, I shared how we had the opportunity to try out Time4Learning, an online education program known to make homeschooling easierTime4Learning was a real blessing since I have been struggling with the same old same in our homeschool and a ton of other obligations in life. It was getting difficult to stay on top of everything, and that is why I was so glad Time4Learning contacted me to ask me to try out their program in exchange for me sharing my unbiased and honest opinions with you all. Today, I am sharing the truth about homeschooling with Time4Learning and also a peek inside the program.  Before we begin, take a moment and pin this post on your homeschool board for later!

What is Time4Learning?

If you haven’t read our previous post about Time4Learning, then I urge you to read it now. I get into the nitty-gritty basics of Time4Learning. Here is a quick overview; Time4Learning is an online education program that is generally used as a complete program or as a supplementary resource. Time4Learning courses go from preschool to high school and offer a wide variety of lessons for all of your subjects! Time4Learning is perfect for first-time homeschoolers who don’t know where to start. If you are a seasoned homeschooler, Time4Learning is the ideal tool to help you out of a homeschool rut and breathe some life back into your homeschool.

What is needed to use Time4Learning?

All you need to use Time4Learning is access to both an internet connection and a computer. Time4Learning is available 24/7, so you can use it in the morning, noon, or night Monday through Sunday, whatever works for you.

Time4Learning is $19.95 a month for preschool through 8th grade; if you have multiple students, you get a $5 discount on additional children you enroll. Their high school courses cost $30 a month with access to four courses.  The monthly subscription is straightforward to purchase and takes only 5 minutes. You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees; you are not locked into an agreement, so there is minimal risk.

The Truth About Time4Learning

When we started looking into Time4Learning, I did have some worries. I was worried that my kids would be doing their school work solely on the computer each day. I worried that there would be a lack of creativity in their lessons. Then we got started, and I was pleasantly surprised. Homeschooling with Time4Learning has had some fantastic benefits. The first being my children were excited again to do their lessons. We had gotten caught in a rut, and since I was swamped, I didn’t have time to plan a lot of fun extra things, which brings us to benefit number two. Time4Learning took all that planning work off my plate. They did it for me! I set up each of my children’s profiles and set a time frame for how we need to work on the lessons provided, and they did the rest, giving me a full detailed lesson plan that we follow. I can print out weekly plans as we go and adjust if need be. While I thought my kids would be working solely on the computer, I was pleasantly surprised that there are a plethora of hands-on activities that excited and engaged the learning experience with my children.


Want to see inside the Parent Dashboard?

When you go onto the website, you will hit Log In on the top right-hand side of the page, and you will be taken to a page where you can log in for either student or parent. Let’s start with an inside look at the parent dashboard.

The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning

The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning

You will be able to see all of your students listed, create custom student reports, view your billing and account information (this is where you sign up for Math Facts) you can even build customized lesson plans for your children!


One of the features I learned about in the past month that I have fallen in love with is the ability to set time limits for your kids. For example, I can set a limitation that my 6-year-old has to do 15 minutes of lessons before he can access the playground (which is full of fun, educational games).


Now let’s take a look at the Student Dashboard

Inside the student dashboard, your children will be able to access the playground, art gallery, and other fun features as well as their lessons. Once they start working on their lessons, the timer will automatically begin. I love that they have the freedom to choose which subject or topic they want to learn about and in what order (you can control this as well if you have set out a specific lesson plan you would like them to follow.) Students have access to both the grade level above them, and below them, this allows flexibility to meet the student’s needs, which I think we all love as homeschoolers.

The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning
1st Grade Dashboard

The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning
5th Grade Dashboard

Next, let’s jump into the truth about each subject with Time4Learning.

The truth about Time4Learning Language Arts lessons

Language Arts, whether in first grade or fifth, was enjoyable for both of my children. While we are avid readers and writers, both children gained so much confidence through working with Time4Learning language arts courses. For my fifth-grader, she enjoyed the variety of characters and activities as she learned about different topics in language arts.


The truth about Time4Learning Math lessons

When I originally shared about Time4Learning I thought that the MathFacts course was extra, I didn’t realize that all I had to do was add it to each profile, it was included in our subscription! I love that my kids are having fun playing math games while working on mastering the math facts. If you know anything about us, Math isn’t a favorite among some of us, and this has helped so much. My daughter was excited for many of her math lessons with Time4Learning, and that is saying A LOT! The videos were in-depth and fun with bright, colorful animations that are sure to delight your little learner.

The truth about Time4Learning Science

Science with Time4Learning is tons of fun; between the engaging videos, games, and hands-on experiments, it delighted both of my children, including me. We loved the plethora of hands-on activities Time4Learning Science provided.

The truth about Time4Learning Social Studies

While my little guy enjoyed videos in his 2nd grade Social Studies, he is thoroughly enjoying his more reading based 3rd grade Social Studies. Yes! You heard that right, he zoomed through social studies and is enjoying it. He currently is in the first section of 3rd-grade social studies and is learning about Vikings; he loves the hands-on activities they provide, like creating your own Viking and even their printable flashcards and maps.

My daughter equally enjoys her Social Studies, at first, we were on the fence after all the fun and engaging videos to find Social studies was more reading focused. Still, she is learning new things and having fun along the way with tons of fun interactive quizzes and activities as she goes along.

The truth about Time4Learning Art

We LOVE the art lessons Time4Learning provides. While this is on my daughter’s dashboard, my son will join her for the lessons. They watch fun videos, do challenges, and then get to put what they learned to work in their own creations. They are learning about the artist’s voice, shape, and form plus tons of other topics and artists. I think they should add art lessons for the first graders as well because my son loves it.

Overall thoughts about Time4Learning

Overall I think Time4Learning is the perfect match for homeschoolers, especially if you are a first-time homeschooler. Time4Learning takes a lot of pressure and stress off homeschoolers’ shoulders between the lesson planning, reporting, and all the subjects and topics they provide for an affordable price of $20 a month. I seriously spend more than that on other curricula that only cover one subject! If you have more than one child, you know how hard it is to split yourself up to teach each child and meet their needs. Time4Learning helps facilitate independent study, which is essential for us.

Both of my children thrived while using Time4Learning. They are both excelling in all their lessons, some subject speedier than others. They don’t complain about doing their lessons and are genuinely excited to get to work.

I highly recommend Time4Learning; it teaches in a variety of fun stories, engaging videos, games, and more, plus the interface is so simple for kids and parents to use.

Would I purchase Time4Learning after this quarter?

The best way to know if a product is worth it or not is whether I would spend my hard-earned money on it. I would purchase this program again for my children in a heartbeat. As I have said, I spend more than $20 a month for curricula that cover only one subject, but sometimes it is hard to get it all done or meet their needs, Time4Learning helps with all that.

If you are looking for more Time4Learning reviews or a trial of their program or to purchase the plan for your children, visit their website HERE.


Do you have more questions about Time4Learning? Post them below.


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The Truth About Homeschooling with Time4Learning

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  1. Thank you for your blog postings about T4L.
    I’m Korean who wants to homeschool for my children using English so I search for many ways to braoden language arts (English) with online program. I thought T4L is good tools for online but I can’t be sure because I can’t find many reviews about T4L without official channels.
    In South Korea, it is little famous so.. I want to know your opinions.
    My children are grade 3 and grade K, also they have been experienced free months T4L .
    Can you recommend T4L is effective tools for learning English as language arts and any other subjects? Thank you again!

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