The Magic of Homeschooling in Tiny Spaces

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The Magic of Homeschooling in Tiny Spaces

Homeschooling can’t exist in a tiny place. So many of us have this preconceived notion, but if that was true then I would not be homeschooling from our small apartment here in New York. If you are a fellow New Yorker or even if you ever visited New York then you may know how everything is on top of each other and I would be lying if I said it doesn’t affect our homeschool. However, it isn’t just us New Yorkers who have a tiny homeschool, many people across the nation choose to homeschool from tiny spaces and it isn’t the end of the world. Before we continue, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

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Homeschooling without personal space

While our tiny space halters us from our own personal space at times, we can not hide from each other if we wanted to. There is some magic in the mayhem of living on top of one another. It can be magical when someone is knitting on the couch, someone else is reading a book, all while someone else is defeating Ganon in a video game.

Sharing and working together

Don’t get me wrong, there are times of complete and total frustration from living in a small space with so many personalities. There is a lot of noise and since we live in our home so much we happen to get on each other’s nerves, yes arguing does seem to rumble around the same time each afternoon.

However, there are so many great moments where someone shares something amazing they just read or learned. We are all experiencing things because of each other. While my daughter is currently working on looming creations or my son works on defeating Bowser in Super Mario and they shout out in triumph or share something they learned, or stop and help each other is all magic and memories.

Magic in the Moments

There is magic in the moments where someone shares something they have been reading or drops some knowledge on something they are interested in and researched. That my kids can watch me edit videos or write a blog post and while I am not sitting and teaching them something they are learning things, picking up interests and ideas.

Focus on the Magic

I try to focus on the magic because if I didn’t I would drive myself mad by the fact that we have overgrown this apartment by 10 fold. Being able to share the moments makes it all okay and honestly, I would love to move into someplace bigger, however, if I moved tomorrow I would still expect to gather around the kitchen table to conquer a project. Congregate in the living room to jump into our interests. Home is where we live, actually live together, sharing our insights and triumphs, of course, our frustrations and pitfalls fall in there as well but it all creates learning and we all come together in our tiny homeschool drafting off of one another and creating conversations and an overall rich and loving learning experience.

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The Magic of Homeschooling in Tiny Spaces

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