Homeschooling without Support

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Homeschooling without support

Homeschooling without Support

Deciding to homeschool is not a decision anyone takes lightly. If your kids are already in traditional school you have to think about rebelling the “norm” and doing something different. You are taking on a HUGE responsibility and your inner self is bound to speak up. “You aren’t a teacher. Leave it to the professionals.” “What about friends?” “What about learning common social skills?” What about Math, I hate Math!” “What about making money, can my household survive on one income?” “Can I work and homeschool?” “What is the family going to think?” “How do I get Dad on board?” If you aren’t surrounded by supportive people than this will only escalate because you will feel like you have to prove yourself and your homeschooling to everyone.

Been There, Did That

I have been there, feeling like there is a true lack of support. In the beginning, it was all on me. Or at least that is how I felt. I was the one with this crazy notion that homeschooling will be amazing and it is the true solution to our academic problems with our gifted daughter. Dad was not 100% on board at the time. He was worried about how our already shy daughter was going to make friends and have a social life. I have to admit that was a concern of mine as well. But his lack of support in that first year, along with family and friends staring and shaking their heads made me feel like everyone was looking at me to fail.


I can’t even count on my hands how many times I have heard about the wonders of our local schools, public and private. I tried, they failed in my eyes.  Bad enough you can have strangers coming up to you asking why your kids are home from school and then the judging eyes and polite smile as they walk away or say something rude.

In that first year of homeschooling, I avoided the topic of me homeschooling when out. If someone asked if school was out, I would just nod and say yeah. I didn’t want to deal with the judgment, I felt enough of it. I guess I was having my own internal struggle. I never knew anyone who personally homeschooled and I was going at this alone.

Stop Complaining, You Chose this!

When you are going through this homeschool thing alone, you can’t complain. It was your decision. But trust!  This homeschooling thing is far from easy. You may scroll through Instagram and see all the amazing #homeschool snapshots that will inspire you but there are tears, struggle, and exhaustion. You are with your children 24/7 and while that is great because you truly love your children and want to be with them, mama needs a break too sometimes! You would love to eat a snack in peace, get a workout in without children clinging to your every move, read a book, listen to music that may be a little scandalous, or hell clean the kitchen without turning around and seeing that a tornado has just run through the living room.

Support is a spectrum

Maybe you have found a great real-life support team in the form of a Homeschool-Coop, or maybe you have a group on the internet friends that truly “get you”. But none of it takes the place of a supporting family, especially partner. Sometimes support doesn’t look like the way you expect or want it to look. Your partner may not look up all the homeschool teaching styles, take over the dreaded math class or anything like that. But maybe they support in a different way, maybe they go on a field trip with you, maybe they read to the kids one of the read a louds, maybe they purchase a ton of books for your homeschool year or maybe they take you back and forth to the library on numerous occasions. Support isn’t black and white and sometimes they may be on the fence but still supportive.

Even though it is hard to talk it out, I highly encourage you and your partner are on the same page, it may not be the same spot on the page but at least on the same page.  Don’t feel like you are alone if you do at least talk to your support group whether it is online or in person. Don’t try this homeschooling thing on your own, it can be amazing and wonderful and pure enchantment but it can be sad, hard, and stressful at the same time. I can guarantee every homeschooling parent has gone through it at some point, so reach out to them.




Are you a homeschooler? Have you ever felt like you lacked the support you needed to homeschool? I would love to hear from you so comment down below!

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Homeschooling without Support



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  1. Hi Christine,

    I am new to homeschooling and I’ve listened to some of your live videos as well as your other ones. They are very insightful. I’ve learned a great deal. I’d just like to make sure that my child gets the social aspect also. Do you know of any groups that do field trips or co-ops for younger kids age 5-6?

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