Learning about Inauguration Day

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Learning about Inauguration Day

On January 20th, we will be celebrating Inauguration Day. Watching as Joe Biden gets sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. The Inauguration only happens every four years, now is the perfect time for learning about Inauguration Day. If you took advantage this past fall to study the election, now is the perfect time to complete that lesson and bring it full circle. Learning about how a peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of the United States government. Do you need help getting your children interested in Inauguration Day? If so, download our Inauguration Day resource? Before we begin, please take a moment to pin this to your homeschool board.

Inauguration Day Resource

This past election hasn’t been an easy one. There are a lot of feelings wrapped up in it. The Inauguration Day resource doesn’t talk about the candidates. Instead, it focuses on the process and the tradition of Inauguration Day.

Inauguration Day Reading

There is a short passage to read that reviews the importance and the history of the inauguration, highlighting many traditions associated with the celebration. I avoided discussing how this year will be different. However, that is a great discussion to have.

A Reading Response page includes five comprehension questions designed to help kids focus on the reading.

Taking an Oath

It isn’t Inauguration Day without taking an oath. We explore the history of the oath as well as some vocabulary from the oath the President takes.

Word Scramble

The inauguration celebration is full of vocabulary; your child may not be familiar with. Take a moment to review some of the terms like the president, vice-president, constitution, oath, and inaugural address.

Match Up

Last but not least, test your knowledge of everything you learned about this event. Matching up the questions to the answers all about the presidential inauguration.

Dowload Your Inauguration Day Resource

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