Lifted Voices: Celebrating the Lives of Remarkable Women

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Empowering Students with Profiles of Trailblazing Women

In honor of Women’s History Month this March, we’re excited to share a new educational printable profiling 11 groundbreaking women across history. This 20-page packet is perfect for middle and high school homeschool students, offering an inspirational and uplifting look at women who broke barriers with tenacity, courage and excellence.

The Value for Homeschool Students

Learning about impactful women beyond textbooks creates meaningful connections for students. They discover role models to motivate their own dreams and goals. It also nurtures empathy, showing even the most influential figures faced setbacks and discrimination before accomplishing change.

With vivid storytelling, the printable drives home themes of leadership in the face of adversity that resonate powerfully with teens. They gain insight into turning passion into purpose. Important values shine through too, like equality, justice, and inclusion.

Ultimately, the stories plant seeds of promise and possibility in students’ minds. That with vision and persistence, they can shatter limiting expectations, even completely transform fields. What an emboldening message for youth!

Featured Pioneering Women

Spanning from Amelia Earhart to Serena Williams, this collection has no shortage of awe-inspiring women pushing progress forward. A few you can look forward to learning about include:

● Amelia Earhart – First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

● Frida Kahlo – Groundbreaking Mexican artist known for visualizing disability, cultural identity and feminism through bold art

● Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Supreme Court trailblazer for gender equality and women’s rights

● Maya Angelou – Literary icon and civil rights champion known for moving poetry and memoirs

● Mae Jemison – First African American woman in space, also a physician and STEM diversity advocate

With digestible biographies and reflection questions, homeschool students will find endless inspiration. They’ll build knowledge retention too, better recognizing these women’s names and accomplishments.

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Women’s Biography and Question Packet

Enriching Book Pairings for Women’s History Month

Pair the following phenomenal books with our printable to dive deeper into the lives of these admirable women. Not only do students gain more nuanced perspectives, but they also improve literary analysis and comprehension skills. It’s a win-win!

She Persisted

Written by Chelsea Clinton, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger
4-8 years old

A gorgeous picture book spotlighting 13 tenacious women who overcame hardship through perseverance. Great for younger students.

Women Who Launched the Computer Age

Written by Laurie Calkhoven, illustrated by Alyssa Peterse
6-8 years old

Profiles like Grace Hopper and Radia Perlman get their due in this STEM-inspiring volume perfect for middle grade.

The Glass Universe

Written by Dava Sobel
12 and up years old

 A fascinating look into the untold history of “Harvard Computers”— the women astronomers and mathematicians who helped revolutionize astrophysics. An enriching read for teens.

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

Written by Debbie levy, illustrated by elizabeth baddeley
8-12 years old

A highly engaging graphic novel style depiction of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life journey into an iconic Supreme Court Justice.

Michelle Obama: Political Icon

Written by Heather E. Schwartzy
8-12 years old

A timely, inspiring YA biography detailing Michelle Obama’s path to influential First Lady advocating for health, education and equality.

Women’s History Month Teaching

We hope this post spotlighting a fantastic women’s history printable provides helpful homeschooling insights and resources for March. Continue visiting our site for more recommendations across diverse educational topics.

Women’s History Month presents the perfect opportunity to highlight stories of courage that awaken passion within students. But there’s power in teaching the achievements, leadership and values of trailblazing women year-round as well. Their voices prove deeply resonant when we take time to listen.

The women profiled in our printable and recommended books all made daring strides while embracing their full, authentic selves. How empowering for students to realize the heights their dreams can reach if they stay true to who they are. The glass ceilings these women shattered clearly evidence the change that becomes possible when we honor the wisdom within.

Of course, no matter how remarkable, one brief printable can only skim the surface of the diverse array of women warranting celebration. We encourage parents and teachers to keep the discovery going, keep shining light on figures both well known and overlooked. Let’s make women’s history not confined to a month, but woven into the full fabric of understanding where we’ve come from and where we can go when we support one another. Our children gain in empathy and vision when exposed to the complex, revolutionary journeys of female heroes that came before them. What an inspiration to carry forward!

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