Internet Safety with Mobicip

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Internet Safety with Mobicip


Internet Safety with Mobicip

Children these days can’t go far without being connected to the internet. Whether it is through their phones, tablets or computers, they have access to anything and everything in the palm of their hand. While this can be an abyss of knowledge and opportunity, it can also be a parents’ worst nightmare. That is why I am so happy that I found help with internet safety thanks to Mobicip.

What is Mobicip?

Mobicip is an app that you can use on pretty much any device including the computer. It is compatible to work on IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It helps take parental controls a step further.

Mobicip helps you limit screen time. Yes, that is right you can put a time limit on your children’s devices, so they don’t spend all day crushing candy or whatever they do nowadays. Whether you have heard that the app is addictive and distracting or dangerous, inappropriate, block it!

Mobicip helps you locate your children. If your child is supposed to be at a friend’s house, but all of a sudden finds themselves at a party at a different location you can see that through mobicip.

Mobicip also helps your children browse safely. If you are a fellow homeschooler than you like that your children have interests and want to explore them on their own by doing research. ( You don’t have to be a homeschooler to appreciate this.) Anyway, Mobicip’s advanced filtering technology. You can block websites, have a whitelist of sites that they can go on. They can even request access to sites, which you can look into and then either give or restrict access. Don’t be blindsided that they exposed to something they shouldn’t have been.

You can even block apps and games. With so many apps and games, it is hard to know which are legitimate and which are just garbage and even dangerous. Mobicip lets you block games and apps that you don’t want your kids to have access too.

Mobicip even helps you locate your children. Maybe they said they would be at the library, but they ran into a friend and ended up getting a bite to eat. Maybe they should have texted you or called but it slipped their minds in all the excitement. Before you freak out, check the GPS and locate them in their tracks!


I really love how Mobicip helps you take some control of the uncontrollable world of the internet.

Try Mobicip for yourself.


Internet Safety is a necessity

While there are so many blessings found through technology, there are also tons of heartache and danger. Today parents need to be on top of it all! This can be exhausting, finding tools to help us is imperative.  While I do believe in trusting our children and having open communication with our children, we still need to take the initiative to keep them safe by using the tools that are out there to help us.


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What is bringing you joy this week? How do you keep your kids safe on the internet?  Have you heard of Mobicip before? Let me know in the comments below!

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Internet Safety with Mobicip


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