Is Homeschool Worth It?

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Is Homeschooling Worth it?

Is Homeschool Worth It?

I don’t know about you but I am pretty sure you are as busy as I am. I have so much to do each day, it is exhausting. I have to keep the kids alive, take care of our home and run errands, try to take care of myself, not ruin my relationships, work, and so much more. Then, of course, my crazy behind decided to keep my children home and homeschool them which only makes all the other things on my list that much harder.

Homeschooling is time-consuming

Homeschooling really is time-consuming, it isn’t just the act of homeschooling, while yes your “homeschool day” may only last a couple of hours, far less than the regular school day at traditional schools there is just so much that goes into homeschooling, such as preparation and studying principles that it sucks up your time.

When you choose to homeschool your children you are not only signing yourself up for a second or third education alongside your children but you are also enrolling in a “masters degree” in learning. More likely than not you will spend a decent amount of time reading. Whether it is emails, websites, curriculum, teacher editions of said curriculum, forums, blogs, facebook groups, books about learning, homeschooling, parenting, philosophies of education, learning models etc. It is something we have to do, and most of the time we love it.


We love education

Most of us enjoy the research and deep dive in learning but many of us also have to overcome the feeling of overwhelm that comes along with such responsibility. We can worry that we can not possibly do it, that it will take too long or that we are in way over our head, but you can’t give in to the overwhelm, you have to see it through because it is worth it. Your children, their education, their memories and formative years are at stake, right?

If you get too impatient that you forgo the research chances are that you will not understand something and get frustrated, which will result in it not working out at least until you take the time to dive deeply into it, on your own and then with your student.

Remember there is no magic curriculum, while all of us would love the easy, out of the box magic curriculum that will engage, excite and educate our children all on its own with zero effort from us it doesn’t exist.

I seriously don’t have time though.

If you don’t have the time or energy to invest in training yourself then you may need to consider the alternatives, as painful as that may sound. Your children deserve the best, and that includes a parent who is well armed to make learning an enchanting enterprise that leads them to the love, joy, and competence we all want for our children.

With that, I am not at all saying that we need to do it all on our own all the time. There are options when it comes to helping you and your students, join a homeschool group or co-op, get tutoring, or enroll in an online class, try swapping lessons with a friend you can teach history and they can teach math, or enroll your child in school for a year, two or more.

Just remember YOU are important in your homeschool

Your involvement in your homeschool is imperative. You probably already know that you are pretty important in your child’s life and deciding to homeschool has only made you even more important.  There are no shortcuts or magic curriculum, it is going to take work not only on their part but yours but it is going to be worth it. It is going to awaken things in you and make their learning even more valuable. Just take it slowly, one step at a time and don’t give up. It isn’t a race and you are not competing with anyone. You got this.



Are you ready to put in the work? What scared you the most about homeschooling?  I would love to hear from you so comment down below!

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Homeschool is it worth it?


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