It’s Not Personal; It’s Homeschool

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It's Not Personal; it's Homeschool. It is bound to get crazy and chaotic, don't take it all personally.

Don’t take it personally.

It’s not personal; it’s homeschool. I think back of Tom Hanks saying “It’s Not Personal It’s Business” in his “mafioso” accent mimicking the Godfather in You’ve Got Mail. I repeat It’s not personal; it’s homeschool. Did you hear it? Okay, any way you are probably thinking, hello! Homeschool if not anything should start by being personal which also sounds like that part of You’ve Got Mail. But honestly, homeschooling is personal, but my message here is not to take everything in your homeschool personally.

It's not personal it's business

Don’t take it personally when you are under appreciated

Don’t take it personally when all the effort you have given out goes under appreciated. Investing in homeschool is a long term investment. You know that it takes up a tremendous amount of energy and effort as discussed previously. The results will come randomly in bursts after years go by.

It is easy to take it personally when your children are bored, and you have invested time, energy and money into the new unit study.

It is easy to take it personally when they shout at the top of their lungs that they hate homeschool. Heck, there are days I despise homeschool myself. Instead of taking it as a personal attack breathe and accept that they are frustrated and sharing their feeling with you because you are safe and the one in charge of the ship!  Hold some room for the emotions, as well as homeschool. Don’t jump to the internet or phone looking for how to register them to the local school as soon as possible. Don’t make big decisions after those emotional eruptions, instead, stick with your plan, offer tenderness, support and allow breaks to rediscover the magic of homeschooling.

Don’t take it personally when the principles don’t work for you

Don’t take it personally when you try your best to apply the latest principles that “works for everyone else” but isn’t working for you or your child at all. Instead of getting frustrated at yourself and trying to make yourself and your family fit into the hole that the principal wants you to fit in, choose what works for you. Look for the practices and beliefs that ensure progress, passion, and peace. Instead of looking for the cookie cutter results from methods or philosophies of those you admire, search for your own, your version of the one you admire even. Regularly check in with yourself; it is essential for your health and the health of your homeschool.

Don’t take it personally when you are in the dark place

Don’t take it personally when you have had a bad day, week, or month! We all go through rough patches; we go into overdrive, we find ourselves in ruts and chaos. Be good to yourself. Slow down, take a breath or two, regroup and start again. Find yourself in a dark place in your homeschool? Take a week off, and try to find the magic that up and left your homeschool. If the dark place last longer than a month, pay attention. Explore the cause, but don’t start judging and stop blaming yourself. You aren’t bad or wrong; you are just depleted and roughed up a bit.

Don’t take it personally when miscommunication strikes online

Don’t take it personally when the comments, email or forum post stings, burst your bubble or misses the essence for who you are. Communicating online lacks emotional cues no matter how many emojis you add. Online communication allows too much room for varying translations. Someone can take what you write as something serious and you may have meant it in jest whether you decide to delete it or click out. The main thing is to move on. You have way too much to do and too many people to give anyone online the power to agitate your peace.

Don’t take it personally when it takes too long

Don’t take it personally when the progress you counted on doesn’t surface. You have time, that is the beauty of homeschool. There really is plenty of time, time for it all! You can’t life as though there is no time, that would squeeze the joy out of your life. You can not rush the little people in your life, trust me I tired! They can’t be rushed it robs learning of its incubation and saturation stages. Be choosy and choose to do one thing at a time and trust it to teach everything.

Don’t take it personally when it all goes to HECK in a handbasket.

Don’t take it personally when things go completely wrong, when you feel inadequate and misunderstood, when you are lost and can’t find your way. That is just right now, just today, just this moment. It will pass.

You may take all of this personally because you are a good person responsible for little people who you care for deeply. Just remember it is not personal; it’s homeschool. You must take care of yourself.




Are you the type to take it personally? Has this helped you feel a little bit better about everything that goes on in homeschool? Let me know in the comments below.

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It's Not Personal; it's Homeschool. It is bound to get crazy and chaotic, don't take it all personally.

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